To Savor the Word

I love pizza. All kinds. From cheap frozen to expensive deep-dish. It is the one over-used menu item from our busy kids-in-the-home years that I never grew tired of. McDonald’s, graham crackers and Kraft Mac & Cheese lost their charm, but never pizza.

I can not eat it fast enough. I have to force myself to slow down and actually chew it well.

I also love God’s Word.

I love it in the morning when I have time to meditate. I love it sent to me in texts by friends. I love it in email subscriptions. I love it in Bible studies and in sermons.

As much as I read it and see it, I don’t grow tired of it.

But I realized toward the end of the year that I had started a bad habit of just swallowing without chewing.

If I did this with food, it would not bring me the benefit of full digestion. Such a waste.

To do it with Scripture is even worse.

So for 2014, I have a focus plan in place to SLOW DOWN every time I read a passage. If I am hurried, I will read a little less so that what I do read, I absorb.

This is not an excuse to skip reading! I have heard comments that dismiss reading the Bible in the year because it is not reading it in depth. Well….at least you would be reading it, right? The intake of God’s Word is so vitally important to your life and mine! Even if I eat my food in a hurry, it does sustain my life. So by all means, READ!

But slowing down benefits me to a greater degree.

Will you join me in feasting on Scripture this year? Let’s become intentional about  the intake of God’s Word. Enjoy it and savor it, often. Indulge yourself in the reading and study of the Living Word of God.


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