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Tough questions…

One of the best investments we have made in recent years is a car seat for our car.

First of all, the things take a degree in Rocket Science to move from car to car so it has added years to my life.

Also, even though we have added to the ranks, Graham must have called permanent shotgun at birth. Because anytime the option is to ride in their car or ours…well….


And those drives provide some of the most entertaining and challenging discussions on all manner of life issues.

A couple of weeks ago, as we drove to an event at the Children’s Museum, we discussed the complexities of how God would provide protective coloring for PREDATORS.

Think about it.

He has been raised on the idea that Simba the mighty Lion King could be reformed into a vegetarian. So I find myself defending the position that animals who feed on other animals have been given God-ordained camo.

Help me.

This week, I thought we were going to have a little lighter discussion as we drove across town.

It started with how strong he is getting to be. Then he bragged on his daddy’s strength.

And then he mentioned Sampson.

Yes. Yes, Sampson was very strong…and kinda dicey…but we plunged right in.

I’m not sure if it is from preschool, Sunday school or one of the many story books from his shelves, but he was quick to point out some of Sampson’s short comings….

like eating the honey, and worse giving some to his mommy and daddy….

and then he touched the dead lion….

and I am listening to all this and thinking how I must have been in my 30’s before I ever knew why these choices were not cool with God.

So I asked him what was wrong with doing those things and he told me that Sampson had not obeyed God. It seems God had rules about this kind of stuff and Sampson had been disobedient.

And then he asked me if Sampson was with God now.

And that’s the thing with hard questions. Some don’t have answers.

Cause I really don’t know if Sampson is with God.

I would assume so.

And as much as I would like to think so, only God knows.

Which is the answer to a lot of the hard questions of faith.

So for now, I will endeavor to learn all that I can know. And believe and trust Him for what I can’t.

God bless you as you plunge into the hard questions with friends and family.

I pray God will open our eyes and understanding as we study His Word.

I pray that He will enlighten us to know Him.

And I pray He will give us faith that extends beyond what we can comprehend, understand or explain.

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