Tuesday check in <3


Just checking in after the long weekend. We were able to have a mix of time with some family, rest and reading, exercise and being outdoors and probably too much good food…but all needed and appreciated. 

With a Monday holiday, I am hitting the ground running. I have several meals to prepare this week for us and gifting so I have to head out to the grocery yet this morning before heading north. 

I have a lot on my heart as I am sure you do. And I have plans for what to share with you this week, but praying those through so please come back tomorrow and se what made the cut <3

My quick thought this morning is from the book of Micah. I can’t say I could have told you much about it except I did remember there was the Messianic prophecy about Bethlehem. However this morning as I read the first five chapters, my pen was marking much of them. 

It is ripped right out of our current news in this country. God’s heart is opposed to those who plan and do evil against others. God’s heart is opposed to the proud. God’s heart is for the poor and the marginalized. God’s heart is for justice and mercy. 

The prophet Micah is speaking to the people who belong to God. So as His people, it would seem the best posture for us in this current climate is one of humility and repentance. Micah warned the people of God that they looked no different from those around them. 

There are stern warnings to the people of Israel in Micah. Spoiler alert: they didn’t respond to them. We who are people of the Cross are called to express and live God’s heart in this country and this world. 

Much to ponder today as I head out. I am praying for God to show me what I can do in my area of influence to promote His heart in our world. 

Blessings on you and I will look forward to seeing you back here tomorrow.

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