VaLeNtInEs DaY 2014 <3

Happy Valentines Day!

I loved responses from the email version of yesterday’s post. The topper was a photo of a pink and white, heart-be-decked cardboard mailbox sent by one of my dear friends. A keepsake from their daughter’s early years, still holding its place in home and heart. LOVED IT!!!

Makes me think of the cardboard replica of a fort that still gathers dust on a shelf down in our basement. Just can’t part with it…

The creative efforts of our children remain tucked away or on display all over our house.

Exhibit A



You think that’s bad? You should see the walls of our laundry room.

On one of our moves, the realtor suggested I take things like this down as it would be more appealing to potential buyers. I think I told her that I didn’t want someone who couldn’t appreciate the value of true art to live in our house anyway. Ever. Maybe I just said it in my head.

Now I have a whole new crop of art coming in.

Exhibit B

IMG_8869Yeah. That’s been displayed in our kitchen since it arrived a year or so ago. Our daughter told me I didn’t have to feel like I needed to keep it, as there would be many more over the years. Really? As long as we have wall space, keep them coming!

God is creative and He pours that creativity into us, His children. In Exodus 35 and 36 there are detailed descriptions of God pouring His Spirit into the artisans and craftsmen who would be decorating the Tabernacle.

We all have different areas of creativity because we all have been crafted by a creative God. In art, music, words, yarn, paper, wood….in the way we love and tend our family, in the way we care for our friends, in our prayers, in our worship, in our work.

I pray today the Lord would show you a glimpse of His walls and the beauty you have worked in His Name,  preserved there to bless and honor Him.

In all we do, for the praise of His Glory! Amen <3


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