Veteran’s Day and some good news <3


Happy Veterans Day and a big thank you to all who have or are currently serving in the armed forces. 

My dad was career Air Force so I grew up deeply respecting the flag, this country and the ideals of freedom. We have issues here in the U.S. of A. for sure, but we do enjoy measures of care and protection that are unheard of and not even deemed as possible in other countries. 

And it takes a military sometimes to go on our behalf because humans are humans and there will always be those who want to play a game of RISK with real lives…and we don’t always get it right on the political front or military front…but we don’t always get it right here in our own homes…so thank you for those who answered the call to serve and thank you to the sacrifice of families here who love and support and care for the family they often leave behind. 

I am late this morning because I had a follow up appointment and I got good news that all is well and I am rejoicing. 

But as I drove home through blowing snow under a heavy gray November sky, I kept in my heart that not everyone gets the all clear so I am praying for those who are waiting for results, or going through treatment or helping a loved one through all of the above. 

I am thankful to God today, but even if there had been a different answer…He is faithful. 

He is and was and always will be faithful. 

God bless you. 

Carry on with your Monday and keep warm <3

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