Warnings are annoying for a reason…..


Good morning friends!

This morning I had a stop to make on my way to work so I wrote out a time schedule for myself before bed. I stuck fairly well to it, but in the process I was struck by the amount of alarms that went off for various reasons.

Since I was hyper focused on sticking with my to do list and the effort required to get out the door ahead of schedule, these were rather jarring and annoying. 

To name a few:

The alarm to wake me up, plus…

The alarm that goes off twice a week to remind me take my medicine

The dryer alarm that let me know the cycle was finished

The refrigerator alarm that warned me a door was ajar

The smoke alarm that continus to beep at weird times even though we have changed the battery. Twice.

The incessant beep of the microwave letting me know my warmed up coffee was getting cold. Again

All of these are things that alert me to something I really need to know about and take care of. 

A lot of them I actually set myself as reminders. 

But they are never welcome. 

So basically, I am folding towels as quickly as I can, and I hear that cup of coffee beep, beep, beep, beeeeeeeeeping…and the fire alarm chirp chimes in and I want to scream and run away. 

Which brings me to where I just finished reading in my annual read through of the Bible. 

Tell me you didn’t see THAT coming =0)

I spent several days working through Jeremiah, Lamentations and Ezekiel and I think of how both of these author prophets were like an annoying alarm to the ears of their contemporaries. 

They spoke and were ignored and/or persecuted and yet God continued to command them to speak His words and warnings. 

In fact, in Ezekiel 33 there is a whole passage about what happens when we see someone who needs to be warned. 

If we see it and don’t say something, we share the guilt and punishment

If we see it and say something and they ignore it, the guilt and punishment fall of them. 

Even better:

If the one who is wicked or gone astray hears and listen and turns back, that one is forgiven and restored. 

Warnings are never fun. 

Hearing them or giving them is not something we usually call our happy place. 

But it is our responsibility to both speak warnings (in love) and heed warnings (in obedience). 

Much to learn as we work our way through Scripture.

May God bless you to both speak and obey when called to do so.

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