Wednesday is always good for some randoms, right?


Over the weekend someone commented that I never wore a coat despite the super cold temps.

So this morning I decided to act like an adult and dress properly for the weather.

I donned a mid calf thermal coat complete with fur trimmed attached hood and my gloves and headed out.


It’s in the mid to high 50’s.

So much for adulthood.

Here are some randoms for your mid-week perusing and then it’s off to tackle the day…coatless, my friend.

#1 – I did a Facebook live post today for Session 7 of Finding God Faithful and I totally blanked on the other brother that was left to make room for Joseph’s two sons.

I love making a mistake in front of an unknown audience about as much as I love making a mistake in front of one or more live people….or even just make a mistake that only I know about.

So here is the correction…the 12 tribes include Joseph, but the land allotted to the tribe of Joseph was given to his two sons. Joseph was given double and the tribe that was “left out” was the Levites because they did not own land – they were assigned to the duties of maintaining the Temple and the other tribes supported them.


Now that we have that clear….

#2 – We are twixt and tween seasons.

Some of our friends are already putting up their Christmas trim.

There are others who will staunchly sport the pumpkins and orange/red and brown fake leaves and flowers until the leftovers from Thanksgiving are tucked in the fridge.

Others, God bless them, are trying to figure out how they didn’t notice the Lily of the Valley stems were still stuck in a vase in the bookcase and made it through summer and this far into fall without being detected.

And some don’t give a hoot about any of it.

And you know what?

It’s ok.

Whatever your style…whatever your timing on doing life…you do you <3

#3 – I made a Butternut Squash and Risotto from Kelly Minter’s book “A Place at the Table” and it was delicious. Easy to prepare, still yummy warmed up…like Autumn soul food.

Her book is so sweet…lots of good reading and lovely pictures plus easy to follow recipes and so far all have been a hit at our house.


#4 – My cousin Betty has written and published a fun Gratitude Journal….


At $12.99 they make a great little Christmas gift or something for you to do for your own quiet time.

52 weeks with prompts gives you a year of growing in this quality of being thankful…and lots of fun and creative spaces for coloring and doodling.

#5 – I’m out of ideas for you…see you tomorrow <3

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