Wednesday randomness <3


Throwing some Wednesday Randomness in your direction. Hope you have your catcher’s mask on….you never know what’s going to fly out of this blonde brain <3

Here we go in no particular order…

Random #1


Our Graham is navigating the halls of middle school and block scheduling and filling out planners and such after an unusual start to his early education years. Like most kids his age, he was going along in grade school when a little thing called Covid froze the world in a big way. With a few years of home-schooling and then re-entry into middle school, it has been a ride. 

As we are all helping him figure out how to manage time and planners and such, advice abounds from all sides. And yours truly has put in more than her two cents numerous times. As one who has struggled with time management from the moment I almost missed my due date by mere minutes, I am notorious for my list making and many tricks for staying on task. 

One day recently I shared with him my “list with a timer method”. This is where I write down all that needs to be done and then set a timer for 20 minutes. I work my way down the list, 20 minutes at a time. If I finish something in under 20 I cross it off and restart timer for next item. 

With those steady gray green eyes that have been staring back at me for almost 13 years now, he said as sweet as anything…”Lola, I hope you put a few things on the list that you like to do. You should have some fun things in the day to keep you going for the other stuff.”

I hope I am as smart as him when I grow up <3

Random #2


If you are a recipe enthusiast like me, here are some websites I have been following that are just fun. I have tried a few things from each and all have been good, but basically they are therapeutic to look through even if I don’t have time to cook. 

I subscribe to the emails for these 




And these are Instagram accounts that brighten my feed regularly:




Random #3


I have gotten back into knitting. I am also trying to read more often. I also busted out the watercolor birds book that Sarah gave me last year and have been tinkering around with trying to paint feathers and such. 

All of that to say, doing these things has added time to my life. 


Go back to Random #1…it turns out if you take the time to do some creative things, your regular work goes so much faster….it’s magic. Just like Graham told me it would be. 

Random #4


Do you ever find that when you have an activity added to the calendar that is something you are looking forward to each week, invariably the only available time for repair and health appointments from that moment on occur at the exact same time? 

Just me?

Okay…ha! I know better. It’s like Murphy’s Law. 

Random #5

At some point this week the cute snowmen and last remnants to winter decor have lost their appeal for me. A friend sent me a picture of her bouquet of fresh flowers that she had purchases at Sam’s so on Sunday I made Russ take me by the florist shop there and we have one on our counter now. 

Those snowmen will be making their way down to the basement soon. While I know we still have a bit of winter to embrace, the anticipation of Spring is bursting up in my soul. 

Hope you have a fun and blessed Wednesday. I hope you get to do something creative. 

Also…I hope this makes it to your inbox if you subscribe. I had to do some techy stuff with my friend Merri last night. My own email of post went to my spam recently!! Sigh…

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