Wednesday Randoms <3


It is a rainy and chilly Wednesday here. Perfect setting for some randoms…so here we go:

Random #1


Late on Sunday afternoon I headed to the kitchen to start putting some ideas together for dinner. Russ had the football game on and one of the commercials was for 60 Minutes. 

The ticking of that clock has not changed since 1968. While the reporters have changed over the years, the tone and measure of their voices has not and it still sounds like the death knell of the weekend as much now as it did to my ten year old self. 

I loved school, but I never have liked endings very much and that tick-tock of a countdown clock accompanied by the, usually dramatic stories produced for this show felt like a dark cloud coming over me as the end of the day and the end of the weekend was now upon us. 

Since the sensations associated in childhood tend to stick, that show still brings me a touch of melancholy particularly as the sun is setting earlier and earlier. 

But as if he had read my thoughts, or maybe it was that crazy being married for forty plus years thing and it seems you carry tandem ideas; it wasn’t a very long time before Russ walked into the kitchen and said, “You know I used to really dislike Sunday nights, but I don’t anymore.” 

He proceeded to say how instead of having to go to work the next day and trouble shoot and such, he would be going to play pickle ball in the morning and then doing other things he enjoys. 

Changed my whole perspective, he did. 

It makes me think about other triggers I have that were once valid, but no longer are part of my reality. Hmmmm….going to have to start being more aware of that. 

It also reminds me how our positive words can help someone out when we didn’t even know he or she was struggling <3

Random #2


I love Instagram. 

It’s like a magazine subscription that comes daily. 

Sure I love the fashion and home decor as much as the next person, but a couple that never cease to delight me center around pretty arrangements.

One is called Creative_Cups, which as you might guess, has photographs involving a tea or coffee cup artistically displayed. This time of year these posts really start rolling since with colder weather, we are more drawn to hot beverage. 

The other is called country_stilllife. These photos are like live action still life paintings. Florals, pottery, fruit, indoor, outside…all the finest ingredients one would expect in a work of art, but a photograph. 

If you are looking for some beauty to add to your scrolling, these are two I recommend. I guess you could call them “vignettes” but they brighten my day and don’t make me feel like I am wrong or need to copy the design in our house.

Just fun and beautiful and we can use more of that.

Random #3


Speaking of pretty and beautiful and decorative, I am seriously considering putting Christmas up early this year. 

I know, I know. 

I am a die-hard, after Thanksgiving girl, but something about Covid did a number on me and I want to enjoy all the Christmas season from early on. Every year I spend the first week of December decorating and while I have always felt that was part of it, this year, I am tempted to have it done before the December calendar flips open. 

Stay tuned. 

Random #4


Today I went to the ENT office because I have developed a rather hefty infection in my left ear. 

The hearing test proved I was definitely at a loss with all the gunk packed in such tiny places. 

Thankfully, the skilled people there got me tested, checked and called in the physician to do a procedure to get all the infection out so I am on the road to recovery, but I wanted to share something I learned. 

With my left ear almost completely blocked and my right ear hearing slightly impaired, it was weird the way sound came to me. 

As an example, I walked into the living room and Russ had the TV on low. Since it was on my left side, I could only hear the sound from my right ear, making it seem like the noise was coming from the far side of the living room or kitchen. 

He was also looking at his iPad and for a minute I wondered why he was listening to his game on the iPad, but had the TV tuned in as well. 

All that to say. 

Impairments or anything we are dealing with that is not operating at 100% optimization may skew our intake of sensory experiences. This also applies to others around us. 

Again…hmmmm….something to ponder. 

Just a reminder we need to extend grace to ourselves and others regularly as we most likely do not have full knowledge of all that is going on. 

Last one is a Caroline funny. 

Random #5

She could be her own meme with a recent trend I have noticed. 

When she is extremely exasperated and anyone is trying to help her but she doesn’t want help, she gets a very serious look on her face, kind of tightens every muscle in her body, pulls as far away from your assistance as she can and sort of growls through gritted teeth, “It’S FINE!!!!!!”

It is so obviously not fine that it is hard not to laugh sometimes.

Until I am in the middle of one of my stews and someone (most likely my sweet husband) offers to do some practical thing and I can feel myself saying….”It’s FINE!!!!”


Sometimes watching her is like having my life flash in front of me. 


But really….it’s …FINE <3

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