Wednesday Randoms on a quasi-snow day here in the Midwest <3


Wednesday Randoms



The Midwest is having a bit of a winter storm. We all went to bed last night with rather unclear expectations. 

Some local schools went ahead and closed, but listening to the weather caster at 10:00 was basically like: if it snows, we will have snow to deal with, but maybe it won’t. 

I woke at 5 A.M. and looked out to see some little flakes falling. The grass was powdery white and the streets just damp.

At 6:30, we definitely had accumulation, but now the roads are just slushy and a lot of the grassy areas in our yard are peeping through. 

Sitting by the phone waiting to hear if school was canceled for the grands brought back memories of mornings where I kept the news on as I did my quiet time, hoping to see our school district flash across the screen as canceled. 

I have to say I loved a good snow day.

Letting the kiddos sleep til one by one they came downstairs and repositioned their pj’d selves on the sofa called for pancakes and some morning shows. 

Of course, at some point we bundled up and headed out in the snow that had kept us home; even at times driving to one of the few places in town that actually had a hill to sled on and meeting up with friends. 

Everything about a snow day makes for the most low-key holiday atmosphere ever. 

No gifts to buy, no cards to send; just time together. 

A slice of heaven on earth. 



I scratched this out on a piece of notebook paper one day after spending time with the grands. I didn’t date it so have no idea if I was dealing with two, three or four little people.

I am guessing it wasn’t one of our better days, but not one of our worst. 

Here is what I wrote:

Let’s not let the world revolve around you. You are tiny and you get in fights. 

Let’s not let the world revolve around me. I can be old and cranky and I only see so much of what is going on. 

Let’s see the world from a God’s-eye view.”


We are older and have wisdom, but sometimes we think we know it all and we don’t. 

They are younger and short on experience, yet often think they know it all and they don’t. 

God is eternal and He really does know it all. 

So important to let Him be the center of our days and thoughts and actions. It matters much that we seek His perspective and lead the littles to do likewise.



We have had some annoying little black flying bugs this fall and winter. 

I thought they were fruit flies as we did have some over the summer, but they aren’t really hanging out in the kitchen. 

As I researched, I believe we have some fungus flies…yuk..that apparently can come from contaminated potting soil. 

Thinking back, I did add soil from a bag to several plants, and I am thinking this is the culprit. 

There are not a ton of them, just random ones every now and again. 

Researched and it looks like a solution of 1 part Hydrogen Peroxide to 6 parts water sprayed onto the soil might do the trick. 



Russ’s brother and wife gave us a Skylight screen for Christmas. 

You can download photos to it and it plays through them on a cycle. 

It’s like having multiple picture frames going in one place. 

It stores 8,000 pictures. 

I am well on my way to filling it. 

Yes, I have a problem with photo hoarding. 

But our sister-by-marriage Sonja told me she read that seeing pictures of people you love makes you happier and more content. She is so right. And I am so thankful <3



I listened to the next GraceLaced podcast in the series about what to do when you are unmotivated. 

This one is on selfishness. 

They are hitting all my buttons. 

It’s a good one and you can listen to it here https://gracelaced.com/pages/the-gracelaced-podcast-with-ruth-chou-simons

Scroll down and you will see the list of her podcasts. They are all very good. And short <3

Have a great Wednesday <3

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