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We’re having a heat wave…. randoms edition <3

I didn’t get this up yesterday and I blamed using internet at the library. In my ignorance I thought my photos were moving at the speed of snail as I airdropped to computer…

Sigh. I was wrong.

There shall be a techy bonus random at the end of the post. Wait for it.

Without further delay here we go:

Random #1

I learned that avocados grow on trees whilst in Kenya. It’s possible I never really thought about how they grow but a tree must not have been a possibility in my mind. As I continued to be surprised and intrigued by the concept, I assume I would have thought it was like a bush sort of like a tomato plant.

I also learned that our idea of an avocado is vastly different from places where they actually can be plucked from your backyard.

Exhibit A:

This was actually one of the smaller ones we dined on.

Another interesting fact I learned back here in the states, if you have leftover avocado or guac, you can smash it down in the smallest container it will fit in and cover the top with water.

I was a skeptic, as are most who are told this trick, but it works and I have witnesses.

Random #2

While the avocados in Kenya are obviously over-achievers, the celery is happy just showing up.

This is full grown celery and I assume it grows up out of the ground like a stalk but I have no proof of that from personal experience.

It was surprisingly green and a bit more bitter than ours, but added a delightful punch to Chicken Salad which we also learned is amazing with fresh dill and grapes mixed in.

This week’s randoms seem to have a foodie theme….so let’s move on to …..

Random #3

This is Joseph. Not Jamon.

He made me a sandwich that was incredibly delicious, and he was so invested in it he asked me to please come back and tell him how I liked it.

Since it was a take-away box, I opened it right next to his shoppe so I could give him my review.

It was five star delicious. He was so pleased.

A “Caprese Sandwich” with fresh Mozzarella, tomatoes, pesto and spring mix of lettuce on a grilled panini.

I highly recommend it and I also think if we all loved the work we do as much as this fellow, our days would be quite fulfilling when the sun set on them.

Random #4

The last two nights in Kenya, we were guests in a lovely home.

If you are into making your visitors feel special and welcome, our hostess had all the ideas.

In each room was a lovely little tray, a stoppered bottle of drinking water and pretty glasses.

She also rolled the bath towel, wrapped the hand towel around it and tucked the wash cloth in so the tips stuck out like a flower or bunny ears or something so cute. These were placed at the foot of our beds and we were encouraged to not share hand towels.


Hospitality is a gift and this friend was standing in line twice to receive it. What a blessing it is to make people feel comfortable and welcome and special in your home.

I was taking notes and photos and praying God will help me remember all of it the next time we have overnighters in our house.

Although if it’s the Fab Four, we may use plastic….not glass…just a thought.

Speaking of…

Random #5

It is good to be back home and doing crafts with this crazy bunch of artists and engineers.

We gave Joel a subscription to Highlights Magazine for his 6th birthday and he has the bug to try the monthly crafts. If you are looking for a good gift for your little loves, I think Highlights has been a hit.

I will warn you the craft projects are not always super detailed in the instructions and rarely turn out like the picture – but we think they turn out even better.

The kiddos always add their own spice to the design and it is fun to see how clever they are when they have a spring board for imagination and creativity. Emmett added “wheels” by configuring tooth picks through circles he cut.

So fun.

And now for your bonus random….

I am using home wifi and my pictures still wouldn’t air drop, so I googled it and found when this happens you should restart all devices.

I powered down my phone and laptop and voila….worked like a charm.

There you go. Follow me for Tech advice.

Or not.

Have a great Thursday! And I hope you picked up a tip or two or at least laughed, smiled or got hungry for a snack.

Blessings on your day and I will see you tomorrow <3

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