What you might need to remember on a MoNdAy <3

I have been incredibly frustrated with how dependent technology is on being recharged this weekend.

I wanted to print off material to study for class preparation – and the printer had run out of ink.

I wanted to download pictures onto the desktop computer and the mouse batteries died.

I wanted to figure out what was wrong with our furnace and realized the batteries in the thermostat were low and thus the temperature settings could not be adjusted.

And forever some tool of this marvelous thing we call the internet is being updated or tweaked or going under maintenance so that we have to wait F.O.R.E.V.E.R. to get access to whatever it is we need right at this instant.

Which brings me to the point of this little post today…and we all breathed a sigh of relief because she is actually going to have a point…

This past Sunday we looked at the fifth vision in the opening chapters of Zechariah.

In this vision there are two olive trees providing oil to a large menorah.

The seven candles of the menorah are burning constantly, ever-fueled by the oil flowing into the basin of the lantern.

And we learned that this represents the flow of the Holy Spirit that is constant and abundant and adequate and never-ceasing.

The image is a constant burning of light…

a constant consuming of  oil…

a constant supply to the reservoir.

A cycle of refilling and expending.

A picture of you, dear little light of Christ.

He is filling you moment by moment as you shine for Him.

Do not grow weary.

Do not give up.

The darkness cannot overcome the light.


will always…


Everything was created through him (Jesus Christ);

nothing -not one thing! –

came into being without him (Jesus Christ).

What came into existence (Jesus Christ) was Life,

and the Life (Jesus Christ) was Light to live by.

The Life-Light (Jesus Christ) blazed out of the darkness;

the darkness couldn’t put it out.

John 1:3-5 The Message

His LIGHT is in you.

Shine on <3


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