When funny isn’t really so funny after all….<3


Good morning! 

I confess I am rushing to get this note sent to you all! I found out late yesterday I have an appointment before work so need to stay on task but writing to you on Friday is a thing that is important to me…so please excuse any typos and read for sense.

My thoughts today are as much a reminder to me as they are a concern I have about an element in our Christian culture these days regarding humor. 

I love to laugh and I love to make people laugh, don’t get me wrong. 

I also think it is good to not take ourselves too seriously and to see the humor in some of our humanity, even in the context of our faith community. 

But there is a certain ick factor that comes with some of the comic attempts of late. 

There is a balance that we need to find in what we find funny. 

Yes, we want to be able to laugh about some of the sillier hills we sometimes choose to die on…but there are other areas where comedians poke fun that can make us begin to question the beliefs we were standing on. 

I have heard jokes about the postures of praise that then interfere with my focus during times of worship on a Sunday morning. 

I have watched videos that parody godly aspects of purity in seeking a relationship and question the sincerity of all people who are attempting to encourage others in pursuing spiritual disciplines. 

And sadly, if humor is done well, I get tickled over clever comedians. 

But later, I feel the smarting of the attack that was underlying and I have to question if it was worth the laughter. 

As I muse, I will add that there is a benefit to this as well because the feelings that arise in me often reveal areas of hypocrisy and pride, but there is also a sense of struggle as to where my beliefs are suddenly being exposed by the cool kids as dorky. The truth is, sometimes I feel like the butt of a joke even within the church. 

And that’s not cool.

We live in a culture dominated and fueled by the need to be entertained. 

It makes me want to slow down on my own desire to make people laugh and think twice before I go for that in a conversation. It is something I will always have to do battle with. Using my humor for the Kingdom to build up and not tear down. It is a fight worth waging. 

Have a blessed day…smile much…encourage generously. 

Be gentle with your words and extend grace to me and others when we fail to do the same <3

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