When Monday’s got you like…


I almost skipped posting today because I didn’t really feel like I had anything to add to anyone’s day.

But In the pouring out of my words and the pouring in of The Word over coffee with God this morning…I do have a word of encouragement in case one of you soldiers stops by for some kind of refreshment on your march today.

I marked up quite a few pages of prayer and mediation over the passages I am on in my Bible read through.

They opened up more of me where God is at work and true to the nature of His Word and character…reading and mediation led to confession and prayer and some more revealing, removing, cleansing and healing.

And as I finished my time and went to lay my pen down, the Spirit reminded me of a prayer of King David that I needed to utter to finish well the work He did in me this morning.

I don’t want to get up from a time with Him and go back to what I was.

I want to always be moving forward in His newest transforming work in my heart.

After reading Psalm 139 and 145, I pray for myself and anyone who would want to agree…

Oh LORD, You made me and You know me. I lay wide open all of my heart…all the deep places where life and sin and faulty wiring have left corrosion and I ask you to search it out.

Cleanse it with Your purifying fire, Your forgiving blood and Your healing waters.

Flood me with Your Holy Presence until all that is not of You is washed away.

Renew me in Your love today, O LORD.

Help me to seek Your face in all that I do.

Make me to be a vessel of Your light and Your life and Your love poured out and overflowing.

Lead me in the ways of Your righteousness, mercy and truth. Show me how to be in the world, but not of it.

Teach me how to look beyond what I can only see with my eyes, feel with my hands, hear with my ears.

Impress on my spirit those things that can only be known when I make You my reality.

All that You do is kind and good and right and true.

Help me to live knowing You are nearer to me than my own skin.

Let my cry come before You and LORD, let knowing this be more than enough <3


Thanks for stopping by… I hope you will be renewed and refreshed from God’s transforming and powerful love in all you do today <3


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