When the month ends at the beginning of the work week <3


There is something just slightly skewed in my wiring, I think…but I am feeling like today is a holiday of some kind because the end of the month of September is falling on a Monday and this is energizing me in a strange and perplexing way. 

October is the anniversary month for this blog. September is one of my favorite months because I love routine even though we no longer technically have school children.

We do have access to some school children, they just live with their parents so we are spared the uglier parts of adjusting to back to school like bedtime panic, packing lunches, brushing teeth, homework, backpack nonsense and the endless stack of papers to go through….




I find the heat and humidity less threatening to me than in August. Oh sure, we have some blazing hot days, but when the sun sets there is a chill in the air and the promise that we will not be wilting much longer. 

The flowers that we tended all summer are getting pulled out and being replaced with low maintenance mums and pumpkins. 

While some people get into Spring Cleaning, I am more inclined to do that before we gear up for the holiday rush. 

Fall food is my favorite and cinnamon apple and clove are my scents so I feel at home in this season. 

Over the weekend, I pulled out some new recipes to try and jotted down thoughts and ideas that flowed from our drives across all parts of this state. The harvest has begun. My adrenaline is kicking in and I actually have some white space on our calendar this week.

How does your week look like it will be shaping up? 

I hope it’s a good one. 

Stop back tomorrow with a cup of joe (or cinnamon tea) and a pumpkin muffin and let’s chat. 

Until then, I will be scurrying around attacking my to-do list and jotting down notes of things to share with you in the coming month <3

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