When you are down and your soul is weary <3


I have a few little tidbits to drop in here today and I almost didn’t post because, like you I would suppose, I get weary sometimes living out my faith on planet earth. 

There are rapid fire decisions being made in our state that are quite pleasing to some and rather scary to others. 

We are increasingly seeing opportunities for desensitization and a blurring of anything that smacks of Judeo-Christian values. 

It is disheartening as it rises up from the media, the government and, more and more, inside our churches and homes and schools. 

Children play war games like it was a Saturday morning cartoon and we wonder why a troubled kid thinks nothing of shooting up the school after a bad day.

In the interest of the rights of some the rights of others are mowed over. 

While we, as Christians are urged to dialogue and see things from different and diverse view points, we are asked to refrain from bringing our beliefs into a conversation…so we remain silent. 

Controversy abounds and often we find ourselves sitting in some contrived and imagined courtroom where we are weighing in on issues that are being presented by a judge and jury of newscasters or social media pundits. 

And it gets discouraging. 

So I come here today as one who sometimes wants to turn off the news, carry the paper from the door step straight to the recycling bin and for added good measure pull the covers back over my head. 

But I can’t, nor should I.

So today I was blessed by the reminder from the 40 Day Prayer Guide from Lifeway that reminded me to pray for our state. 

Yes, the state of Illinois for me, your state wherever you live.

To pray for our leaders – all of our leaders – the ones I agree with and the ones I don’t.

To thank God for those who are Christians and have entered into the arena where laws are made and kept and to pray for them to have wisdom and discernment and boldness. 

To pray for God’s Kingdom to come – here in Lincoln Land, as it is in heaven. 

So I pull my ostrich head out of the sand, and I pray. 

I take courage from the promise that no power is in place that God has not allowed for His plan and purpose. 

I remind myself that kingdoms come and kingdoms go, but He is eternal and I have not placed my hope in the senate, congress, governor, president, European Union, United Nations or the park board. 

They are all filled with flawed humans who are fulfilling their role in God’s plan and whether they know Him or not –

He is …

He always was…

and He will always be. 

So lift your heads and your hearts to honor Him and worship Him alone <3 

Pray for the powers that He has allowed.

Act justly with the people you encounter and treat others fairly, and do not shrink back from sharing the Gospel when the opportunity arises.

Pray for God to speak through you when you engage in debates and conversations and yes, listen, but don’t feel boxed in to compromise with things you know are not true and right.

Jesus engaged in conversations, but He never altered or changed His message – He was here to do the will of God…not please men.

As a sweet P.S. to yesterday’s post, a dear nurse friend of mine sent this comment 

“We check the efficacy of the solution that we clean instruments in each time we use it, to make sure it is pure, undiluted, and strong enough to ‘do the job’. Just a thought.”

Just a great thought! 

Thank you for sharing…what a powerful addition to the concept we talked about yesterday…the “efficacy” of God’s grace…is pure, undiluted and strong enough to worketh…all things…in me, in you, in the world <3

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