Where were you a year ago?

I usually don’t know the answer to that question, even if it is a memorable day like Christmas. I have a tendency to blur memories.

But I do know that a year ago this past weekend I was returning from North Carolina. I had attended the She Speaks conference.

Which was huge for me to attend workshops and teachings, surrounded by other women who, it turns out, do the things I do.

Things like perk up the ears when a phrase or a bumper sticker jumps out. Things like carrying a small notebook…ok, having an army of small notebooks…and scraps of paper…and the backs of deposit slips…with ideas…thoughts…phrases…

And for some strange reason, feel compelled to form these thoughts and ideas into something that would bring meaning to someone else.

Compelled and driven to express the things that God lays on our hearts. To somehow weave the random thoughts into some form of expressing His truth, extending His encouragement, connecting our everyday into the bigness of eternity….

So where were you a year ago?

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