You want me to do what?

Well in the on-going saga of me trying to be as healthy as possible, I went back to Pilates yesterday after a small hiatus last week. Our “regular” teacher has resumed 100% of her health after a surgery so I was treated to the full instructional capacity of this 30something triathlete.

It was…brutal….

At one point, she had us lay flat on our backs with our arms stretched behind our heads, holding a 5 pound medicine ball. I thought…so far, so good….then she said…now inhale and sit straight up.

I heard her with my ears. I understood with my mind. All of my will desired to comply.

But while others around me managed various means of lifting their bodies upwards as if fueled by the weighted orb in their hands, my body remained firmly cemented from finger tip to toe right there on the mat.

I did a quick abdominal workout I like to call “deep embarrassed belly laugh” and figured if I bent my knees and brought the ball over my chest, I could possibly do a slight crunch.

I was rewarded with a smile from the instructor and a rousing – “Good job!”

What? Seriously? This pathetic effort? Was she being sarcastic?

But no, she reinforced that it’s important to modify any movement to the level of ability, and affirmed I had chosen well.

The support gave me the boost I needed to continue doing the best I could. I even tried harder on the next exercise to push myself a little.

Maybe you are in a place where you know and understand the instructions you have been given, but physically…emotionally….spiritually….it just ain’t gonna happen today. Can I encourage you?

Do the best you can muster. Give 100% of whatever percent you have available to give. Something is better than nothing.

Maybe you are at a place where you feel strong as you lead others. Look around for those who are having to modify to get by and offer a word of encouragement for the effort.

May God bless you today as you apply whatever you have been given in whatever way you are called!

And let me be the first to say…..Good Job!

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