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#3 – Keeping The Main Thing the main thing

The third prayer request I would add ties to yesterday’s post //www.laurareimer.net/?p=5177 …distractions that pull me away from the purpose God intended.

Oh…and please note…I realized I have been calling the dog “he” and she’s a she….so thank you very much WordPress for your editing feature…


As Phillip Keller develops the idea of the problem arising from the blackbirds drawing his sheep dog away, often the animal was not a bit sorry for the wasted time.

In fact, Keller writes that the dog often seemed to be quite pleased as she fell into a heap after a good chase.

He realized that to her, the whole thing had been quite entertaining.


And again, he draws a comparison to the community of faith.

He writes:

Without being unduly critical it is essential for each of us to examine our own lives and ascertain what diverts us from the highest duties to which God calls us as His coworkers.

Within the community of our churches it is often the temptation to entertain rather than edify God’s people. It is the desire to amuse audiences rather than instruct them in God’s Word.” *

I understand this struggle.

I love very much to make people laugh.


I love it when what I say strikes a cord of agreement.

It is a wonderful thing to hear that what I have said or written has encouraged someone.

But it is a great temptation to move from exhortation to entertainment.

It is a great temptation to begin to seek ways to delight listeners and readers instead of seeking to be a vessel for what God would like shared.


I particularly appreciate the admonition of this gentle author when he reminds me that there is room for me to make you smile some days…to share some of the funny and tender parts of the journey.

Telling about God’s story of what He is doing in our lives doesn’t have to be boring…but when our desire moves from sharing the Gospel to how we can amuse people…we have lost sight of The Main Thing.

And so I have added to my prayers, this simple request for Day 3:

Oh Father God, You have made me and wired me and You know me better than I know myself. You know how easily I can forget what You have called me to do and lose sight of speaking the truth of Your Word to encourage others. Lord, thank You that I can share Your instruction in the unique ways You have given me, but keep me honest before You when I start to steer away from the deep waters of encouragement into the shallow pools of entertainment.  Lead me deeper still into Your Word. Impress Your teachings  on my heart that they would always be the overflow of my life through my written and spoken words.   <3

*Lessons from a Sheepdog by Phillip Keller; Thomas Nelson, 2002; page 49

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