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A few things for your Wednesday <3


Since it’s Wednesday and I am having trouble settling on just one point, I am sharing some randoms before I let the whole day get away from me. 

I am also planning to do a Facebook live and I am going to start calling it “And another thing….” because I always think of more things I want to tell you. We shall see where that lands, but for now…that’s the plan.


Random #1

Kids do say the darnedest things. And I am not sure how you spell darnedest but autocorrect is leading this charge so there you have it. 

Our four have had a pass around of fever and coughs and runny noses and somehow I have managed to be sitting on the couch quite a bit the past few weeks holding one or more. 

Last night as I was leaving I hugged poor Emmy and told him I loved him and if I don’t get sick it will be a miracle. 

He had barely said two words all day but rallied as he coughed one more time in my face and answered…”Cause you have been with me A LOT!!”

It was hilarious. 

Maybe he is just sick of me…hmmmm…..

pc/Rachel <3

Random #2

Jesus said we need to come to him like little children and sometimes I wonder if that means we should be arguing in the back seat of cars about someone looking at us AGAIN!!!! 

Or sneaking candy out of the cabinet. 

Or micro-debating why we don’t need to put our stuff away.

But then I look at Caroline who is just so happy to be her.

She gives and receives love like it was a free-flowing fountain.

When she needs to be held she climbs right up in your arms with a nary a thought that she would be refused and when she wants to run free she does so with complete faith that we will pull her right out of any trouble she gets herself into. 

When she wakes up she cries out for whoever she thinks is going to come get her and she falls asleep without a care in the world because she knows someone else is awake if needed. 

Maybe that’s what He was thinking about. 


Random #3

I had a neat conversation with a friend from church who always calls me by name when he greets me. 

I do my usual lame “hi” as I rack my brain going through everything I know about him and his family and all the connections to try and get to the guy’s first name. 

I blame a fall on concrete as a child, but I struggle with people’s names.

I lack confidence that I will use the correct name and have been burned in previous attempts when the name that I knew I should use gets stuck in the vortex and out comes the wrong name. 

So embarrassing. 

But this time after he greeted me and I said…

gulp, hi…

I faced the elephant in the room and just told him that I recognize that he always greets me by name and that it means a lot to me and I am sorry I never reciprocate even though I know his name is…(give me minute as I think of his wife’s name, how his son married one of our daughter’s friends from high school and ah…finally… yes…there it is…his first name pulled out of the file of my brain)

He was kind and we had a good conversation about how he took to heart one time a quote about a person’s name and how it is a value of that person. 

I want to be better at this, but it also made me think differently about a song we sing in church. 

It’s an odd lyric and because it didn’t make sense to me so I didn’t ever sing it. 

One of the repeated verses says something about “You are worthy of Your name” and I couldn’t bring myself to sing it because it seemed kind of obtuse. 

I don’t like saying things to God that I don’t really understand and it felt kind of insulting to tell Him that we all decided He actually is worthy to be called God…or the Lamb of God…or whatever; but after my conversation with what’s-his-name (KIDDING!! I know it…I’m just being discreet here) I have begun to understand that Jesus’ name..the names for God…the titles given to Him…they declare His worth and that is what the song is saying. 

That all the names I use to call Him and call on Him, are full of unfathomable weight and glory and I am just making my own little feeble brain work to grasp how awesome He is. 


That should be good for today. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Go out and be amazing for His glory and I will see you tomorrow <3

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