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Rx for misery <3


We had a whirlwind weekend that included a visit from Sarah and Joel’s postponed birthday party while several of our troopers have been under the weather with whatever junk is currently making its way through the family. 

Our fun-loving Emmett had to miss the festivities and to give you an indication of how miserable he feels, he didn’t even complain about it although his eyes looked quite sad when the party bus returned. 


That is such a powerful word to capture what un-wellness does to us. 

Flu and viruses are physical manifestations of what happens when all is not going right with how God intended us to live. 

Even our outer skin hurts as our body fights off the invaders in an effort to bring us back to health. 

Our bodies and our souls, our minds and our spirits are geared to wholeness and healing and when that is under attack, we are often sidelined as we deal with the aches and pains of our malaise. 

Misery is said to love company, but when I am feeling the effects of it – whether emotional or physical – I would argue that I tend to be like a wounded animal seeking a den to crawl into. 

Interaction with others is too much effort and only enhances my discomfort. 

But there is a place of quiet rest and healing when we are suffering and it is near the heart of God. 

Whether we are warding off a fever or dealing with the inner turmoil of a broken heart, God meets us in these isolated places with a tender sustaining power. 

He is very interested in helping us regain wholeness and health in our bodies and minds and spirits. 

He is for us and as we continue to yield to Him…in all seasons…He meets us where we are. 

A prayer for you today:

Heavenly Father, there are so many who are unwell among us. Some are struggling with physical health issues – whether viruses or more serious and chronic illnesses.

Many among us are broken hearted through and through.

We are weary and the world around us is moving at such a rapid pace that we fear we will be overtaken and drown as we paddle to keep our head above water.

We want to stop…we want to take time to get well…but the demands of each day keep us in places of turmoil.

So Father, thank you for Your Grace that sustains us and is at work within us to fight for us.

Lord, we know that You will restore us to health and wellness as we yield to You in these seasons.

Grant us Your favor and Your peace. Breathe Your life into us and renew our faint hearts. Thank You for the mercies that are new each day.

We love You and we set our hearts to be near You this day <3

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    1. Thank you! Have been praying for you too!! Couldn’t believe it has been two months! yikes! Prayers for healing <3

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