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A few things to end the week <3

So I guess there is an iPhone X now?

That makes sense since I just paid off my 6s and my bill dropped fairly significantly which neatly coincided with same phone going wonky on me at random times.

And I am riddled with questions but no time to delve into Google for answers but…

Was there an iPhone 8 and 9 that I missed?

And are they now using Roman numerals for our smart phones or have they skipped to letters, in which case what happened to A through W?

Because I need to know these things…

I also overheard a commercial from the other room last night as Russ had turned the game on and it sounded suspiciously like a holiday commercial as in … you better get your Christmas game on people if you want to find the perfect gift for that special someone.

And I am pretty sure they were referencing a car.


When did cars become something we expected to find under the tree on Christmas morning?

And I am disturbed on several levels because –

1. I am still trying to figure out what to serve on Thanksgiving day that is fun and challenging but not too weird and meets all dietary requirements and preferences of our crew

2. I am still rather enjoying the various live and artificial gourds and orange/rust/yellowish fake stems tucked around here and there while I sip pumpkin spice tea and wait for the real trees to finally change color


3. The old familiar struggle is already starting to rise between keeping Christmas season in perspective in light of celebrating Jesus’ birth and oh…

my goodness…

shiny things…

I have been intentional in starting out the month of November with some goals in mind – goals for writing…goals for my health….goals for approaching our one year anniversary in this new home with a few more boxes unpacked.

This year has flown by and I think that is just going to be the norm from here on out.

I believe as we near the return of Christ, time itself is accelerating. Case in point, it is even going fast for young people.

We truly have to be intentional about our moments.

How we spend our time and what we focus on matter.

(This coming from a woman who just jumped from iPhones to eternity…so sorry…some days you just get a glimpse into what Russ has to deal with all.the.time.)

Sarah pointed out to me this week that we totally missed our annual pumpkin patch/apple orchard outing attempt.

Yes we did.

But I love what she said next….

Let’s not make the same mistake with Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I get what she’s saying.

Lord, help me to make the most of the moments You have given us. Each day. Help me to not get distracted by things that are not of value and add nothing to Your Kingdom. You know better than I do the rabbit trails that will tempt me off Your path and You also know the ones that I should most definitely follow because You have treasures that far exceed my tiny plans. Give me wisdom today to make choices that further Your Kingdom. Keep me steadfast where I am prone to wander and flexible where I am prone to grow stagnate in my own stubbornness. Prod me when I dawdle and sit me down when I need to rest. This little sheep needs her Shepherd today. Guide me, Lord, and make me willing to be led. 

Have a blessed weekend – one where you share in the goodness of all the Father has for you…even the hard stuff is a blessing if we lean into Him because of it.

You are loved…you matter…so go forth and love others well in the Name of Jesus <3




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  1. Good stuff! And speaking of being about that which matters; how would you like to be a part of God’s Shelter of Love’s new emergency shelter overnight team? Maybe one of your readers would be interested. I’m truly wanting to make a difference in the lives of people with no home here in our city. Let me know if you’d be willing to help once a month or once every other month. I’m going to a meeting on Nov. 16 at the Avon theater from 7-9. I do want to be about spending time on things that matter, and people who need basic shelter is a very important matter. Blessings friend!

    1. Thank you Susan – I will make that information available in case they don’t read the contents <3

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