A Monday laugh <3


Hope you are having a great start to your week. 

I have a story that is busting inside me because I have been laughing out loud over it and I hope it at least gives you a smile to start the day <3

A few weeks ago I was with Rachel and the tribe when Graham told his mom not to listen and then cupped his hand over his mouth and began to attempt to whisper a plan he and Emmett had hatched for their mom’s birthday.

Creds to Rachel for truly blocking out any understanding of conversation. She is earning her Mom wings at levels bordering on excellence. 

She busied herself and shut off her radar as Graham outlined how he and Emmett had ascertained her favorite place to eat is Chipolte and by cleverly questioning her on menu items, and counting their piggy bank contents they were sure they had enough to take her there AND have dessert at Orange Leaf.

And if all of that wasn’t cute enough to make my heart want to burst, he finished the whole plan with asking if I thought Papi and I could come. 


I was so honored. 

So blessed. 

He was hoping they could do it on her actual birthday which is today and I told him it may be hard for Papi to get off and I told him we also had a Spanish class we would have to miss but we would do our best. 

Subsequent visits escalated the necessity for us to reschedule our lives as he frantically pleaded with me for us to be there. 

We did figure out that their after school schedule on Monday would make it impossible to work all of this out between swim lessons and sports practices so I was able to convince him Sunday would work better. 

By now Rachel was having to be more involved with the behind the scenes planning of adults figuring out how to make this happen without the hosts catching on that we were facilitating…ie…slipping some extra cash in the wallet tucked in his drawer and adjusting plans and schedules and attire and location…etc…etc …etc…

So Saturday evening I had one final chat with Graham about how we were pulling all of this off. 

I asked him if he wanted Papi and me to come to the house or meet them at the restaurant and this is where I go into fits of laughter every. single. time. 

He looked at me with the widest eyes and said –

Oh Lola! You aren’t coming with us. You are coming up to watch the little guys so Emmett and I can have a date with mom! 


He then commenced to profusely apologize…

even though he had no need because I was laughing so hard. 

But how adorable when he told me, literally, he was so sorry I had misunderstood….

but could I still come and watch Joel and Caroline for him? 


Absolutely, we can.  

Apparently they had not budgeted for a babysitter. 


So after church yesterday, Papi and I made a quick change to shorts and headed up to “surprise” our girl. 

She gave a fairly convincing “What are you two doing here?” …

which made me laugh even harder…

 and  headed off with her two escorts for the time of her life.

Oh…I will probably still tell this one until people I know are able to tell it back to me word for word…

but for now….

I hope to enjoy the sweetness of a few more belly laughs on how this went down before I tuck it away in the growing treasure box of moments that are so precious they really have to be lifted up and just given to God as an offering of thanks and praise. 

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