A pocket full of change and a lesson in gratitude <3

On Saturday we were scattered to the four winds. I had the privilege of hanging with Emmett and Joel and had planned to go to the Farmer’s Market and pool. Joel was invited to a friend’s house for the day and since the duo had already spent a large portion of quality time together while Mom was off to a tournament with Graham, Caroline and Papi, I accepted the invite. 

I thought maybe Emmett would like to also have time with a friend, so we invited one of his pals to lunch and swim with us while Joel played at his friend’s house. Emmett raided his piggy bank and brought $2.50 in quarters and asked me if they could also hit up the batting cages, his treat. 

The boys had so much fun and I just enjoyed the best seat in the house watching them laugh and play and be buddies. Both boys thanked me for every meal, beverage, snack and event I bought and Emmett thanked me no less than ten times for inviting his friend for the day. 

Eventually we met up with Joel and said good bye to Emmett’s friend and headed off for showers and a show until Dad got off work and would bring pizza home.

As I gathered my things and they filled their plates, they were filling dad in on the day and the first thing Emmett wanted him to know as that he used his own money to treat his friend to the batting cages. 

He was so proud to have parted with his beloved quarters. I was kind of laughing inside as I mentally calculated my tab for the day’s activities. I also had taken joy in treating him and his friend and it was just a funny moment in my heart.

As I did, I thought how like this we are with God. 

I am not knocking Emmett – he was so appreciative of everything I did, but it did show me a picture of myself. 

I sure felt good watching those boys have a great time together and it felt satisfying to be able to provide that. 

But as I watched Emmett’s sweet little face tell his daddy what he had done and I compared it to the amount of the bill I paid for the day, I was kind of chuckling wondering if he had any idea my need to hit the ATM machine soon to replace my deficit. 

And suddenly I thought how God was probably sitting back looking down on my own little blonde head as I let the thought pass through before He threw back His head and laughed at my “quarters” for the outing. 

He has given me so much and sometimes I feel like it’s mine, but it’s all His. 

Everything we have is because of His gracious gifting. 

I hope I am expressing this better than I think I am, but just like Emmett’s big thing of the day was his $2.50 donation which wouldn’t have covered anything but 24 pitches in a batting cage, my investment in the day was just a drop in the bucket of all God poured out over us as we laughed and played and gathered some moments that will be memories. 

From there I took the leap to how often at the end of the day, I will calculate all that I did or accomplished and sometimes I feel good about it and sometimes I feel like I could have and should have done more. 

And there’s my Father. 

Sitting on His throne, once again looking down at His kid as she stumbles through all she accomplished, or didn’t, in her own strength and just waiting for me to notice all that occurred because of His strength. 

He loves us so. 

We are His little ones and He is gracious and kind and patient. He knows what we are made of and He delights when we stick a bunch of quarters in our pocket and do something nice for a friend. 

Hope your week is starting off well. 

You are precious and you are deeply loved <3

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