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Yes we are having pizza for breakfast. Why do you ask?

Starting a new week and staring down the face of the end of another month. 

One of the things I hear people saying is in spite of all the changes and limitations on where we can go and what we can do, time is still accelerating at an incredible speed. I know we all have the same 24 hours in a day, but can we agree that they are zipping along rather quickly?

The past few weeks I have struggled with fitting my morning time tapping at these keys and yet the thought of the faces I never see that might be showing up still float about me. This is an appointment in my heart every morning and I have been missing my appointments. 

I have some plans for this space that I am working on and forces out there that seem to be working against me making it happen. But I am determined to get back to making this a part of my morning so you may get some silly and you may get some good word, but you will get something. 

Today you are getting a few randoms as we had an overnight with one of the little dudes. We have been trying to split up time with them one on one and it was his turn. He is patiently building a castle while I finish this and then has requested a bike ride. A race actually. I wisely declared him a winner before we head out so we can just relax and take a victory lap together.

Let the random’s fly:


We may have found the magic bullet for our pollinator garden. Sure it smells like the outhouse of a wolf den, but hey…the flowers are enjoying a respite from being nibbled on by rabbits. 


I have been doing the Kelly Minter study on Nehemiah this summer and even though I am sadly two weeks behind on her videos (thankfully they keep them up for a while so I will hopefully finish before they stop showing them) and I love this book so much. 

It has been my go-to for years on encouraging me when I am struggling in spiritual warfare. Such a great example of how we battle discouragement, how we war in families and how we cover one another when one of us is working at the rebuilding and another stands guard against the enemy. 

If nothing else, read Nehemiah 1-4 sometime this week and ask God to open your eyes to what He would like to teach you about warfare. 


We had a great sermon yesterday at FCC from Pastor Brian on making plans and the heart behind them that honors God. 

Then I opened my devotions this morning and A. W. Tozer preached it to me again! 

When God does this, I am guaranteed to be needing to pay attention. 

Check out the sermon here will be posted later this week!!!

And my notes from Tozer here:


I’m out of ideas. Our house guest is going to need breakfast soon and we have miles to go…

have a great Monday <3

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Just a sweet story…pun intended <3

Last year this time our whole family and most of Russ’s siblings and families were gathered for what we fondly termed “Papipalooza”.

We had gathered for a celebration of his milestone birthday and official entry into the Sixty is Better Club by meeting up in Kansas City and going to a Royal’s game.

The cake above was decorated to complete one of those reenactment photos from a birthday many moons ago.

It’s a Wacky Cake and I don’t celebrate a birthday for this man, nor do I make that cake that I don’t remember the day I wrote the recipe down on an index card. The same index card that I pull out of the recipe box every time I make it.

It takes me back to the summer we were dating.

Five months after our first date and one month before he would ask me to marry him; I wanted to make him a special birthday dinner so I asked him for his favorite meal and cake.

Because in my house growing up, you got to pick your birthday dinner and dessert. Didn’t matter what it was, my mom made it happen; which would explain the year I got a watermelon with a candle in it because that was what I loved most for dessert at that time.

He told me he liked his mom’s baked spaghetti and something called Wacky Cake.

Since these apparently were family recipes and we didn’t have the luxury of google search, I dialed his parents home with no small amount of nervousness to ask his mother to share with me the recipes required.

If I was filled with butterflies making the call, imagine my heart jump when his dad answered. I stammered around explaining the reason for my call and feeling slightly silly but my fears were quickly put to rest as they always were in all the years ahead with his parents.

Mom was getting her hair done, but his dad was full on board with the plan and rummaged through the recipe box on the counter until he found Wacky Cake. He read it off to me and then the baked Spaghetti and wished me well.

He was delighted, you could tell, that I wanted to do this and that’s how it always was with him and mom.

They loved me like their own even though I was a bit of a diamond in the rough.

I miss them and the way they loved us.

I miss the way they moved slowly and were never in a hurry or rush like their daughter-in-law.

I miss the way nothing was a big deal for them and how they were content with each day and what it brought.

We laugh sometimes thinking of his mom and how she would have enjoyed conversation with these grands of ours and how they both would have chuckled over their antics.

I am thankful for their son…and for the legacy that lives through him <3
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Field trip to the Lou <3

We took advantage of the school holiday on Monday so the band of brothers could collect on their Christmas gift from Tia.

Which in reality, just seeing her seemed to be enough joy to float their boats but…

she wanted to take them to the new aquarium and ferris wheel in St Louis.


we got to slip in on the fun.

It was basically a boy’s dream trip…

fish nibbling your hands…

a skink right up close and personal, blue tongue and all…

more sticking your hands in water and touching critters…

not having to share Tia with Caroline…

a shark or two…

and then…

we climbed in the ferris wheel and saw the whole city from the sky…

even Lola was a brave little toaster…

After that we went for pizza on the Hill…

Drove by Tia’s so we could hug Rocco…

said goodbye and many thanks and plans made for another trip soon, soon, soon!!!

and basically…

crashed…except for Emmett…who managed to keep his energy up for the entire trip home.

All in all…

Best. Day. Ever. <3

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