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A Pumpkin Tale <3


Well, another short one today. 

Maybe I used up too many words and thoughts last week. 

Enjoy the brevity, I am sure it will be…well…brief.

So for today, the picture tells the story. 

A few years ago, our neighbors next door put a small pumpkin on top of their mailbox. We thought it was cute, so we added one to ours and the neighbors two down followed suit. 

Every year now, we one by one put our pumpkins out. 

I have no idea why, but it makes me laugh every time. I feel connected. I feel a silent solidarity. 

In a busy world where we mostly just wave if we happen to be passing by when the other is pulling into the driveway or mowing the lawn, I feel like we are community. 

It is just a little thing and that is what relationships are made of. Little moments, little signs that we are seen, little actions of support. 

There is so much that isn’t fun or praise worthy out there. It is refreshing when we can just enjoy the people God has placed in our path. 

Like you.

Consider yourself indoctrinated into the Fellowship of the Pumpkins on the Mailbox today. 

I see you and I am thankful for you <3

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