A quick one to kick off Monday <3


Good morning my friends!

I have a very short window to throw a post up and then it’s off to the dentist. I also have a haircut today, so this will most likely be the best I look all in one day for the rest of the year.

Of course, I spent a fair amount of time scrubbing and flossing and curling so the people who take care of my teeth and hair don’t think I slouch on maintenance in between visits.

I am reading in Jeremiah and have progressed to chapter 30 as of this morning.

As I read about the harsh judgment God is bringing on His people and then the way Jeremiah is treated by those who don’t want to hear about their backsliding and then move into the promises of restoration that will come after the time of discipline ends, I marvel that we are talking about 70 years of time between the exile and the return.

70 years.

That’s someone’s whole lifetime.

That’s people who are in their 30’s not seeing the promised return, but living obediently and faithfully in the exile.

Holding on to a promise they will never see fulfilled.

And I weep with Jeremiah.

I weep for living with the consequences.

I weep for a God who never gives up on us.

I weep for our foolishness and selfish ways.

I weep for strength to live faithfully and obediently whether promises are fulfilled in my lifetime or long after I am gone.

Bless you friends.

Hold fast to what you know to be true.

Listen for God’s word to you.

Don’t fall for false prophets, pray for discernment.

Live well in the land you have been placed.

You are deeply and dearly loved <3

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