A special day in our house <3

Today is a special day in our family as we celebrate the birth of our Sarah. 

As a mom, I know that while this day is special for her to celebrate; it is also a day for all of us who love her to celebrate her life as well. 

The birthdays of our children are like holidays for the heart. Snapshots of her life over the years flood my mind today as we have texted birthday greetings back and forth amongst the family. 

We know some lovely things that others have done for her already for her special day and we are so thankful. 


The kindness of others towards our children is better and sweeter than kindness shown directly to me. 

In like fashion, harm done to one of them hurts far more than had the wound been inflicted to me personally. 

And in this, we can understand the Father’s heart for His children. 

So let us be kind to one another. 

Let’s use words that build up and do not tear down. 

Let’s not hold back from doing good when it is in our capacity to do so. 

And let’s treat God’s children with love, respect, kindness, gentleness and truth that is always tempered generously with love. 

In the meantime, we wish our girl the happiest of birthdays and a year full of joy and laughter and growth and learning and abundant life <3

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