Wednesday Randoms as April nears the finish line <3


Here we are in the middle of the last week of April and I just jotted down the first five thoughts that came to mind so without further ado; here we go…


With the new setup for the website, I actually had someone ask how to look up past posts.

First off, let me just say that it touched my heart deeply to think someone actually was going back through old posts. On the off chance that anyone else might do this, here is what I have discovered.

The posts are assigned to “categories” which do not show up on this new format.

On my Mac, there is a search feature at the top of the web page with a small magnifying glass. Further research has revealed this is not an option on the phone or tablet versions.

I have asked the tech person who set it up about this but have not received an answer, so I am saving new posts to my Pinterest account. Individual posts are under The Daily Post on my account which is under Journey Onward (you can follow me or pin the post to your own page for future reference.)

I think.

Try going to the various social media links at the bottom of any post and click on the Pinterest icon…it should link to your account and you can pin it…or maybe you will end up pinning it back on to mine.

Sigh…this is why I like notebooks and pens better than technology.



Speaking of technology, we have chatted in the past about the creepy way marketers have of listening in on conversations and popping advertisements up on your feed.

I also get a bunch of emails from various places just because of apps or purchases. I think the NCAA brackets app opens the door for a variety of offers and I laughed today when I saw one from MGM Rewards.

The subject line says, “This Vegas offer has Laura written all over it…”

Yeah, no.

If MGM really knew Laura, they would know that nothing in Vegas has Laura’s name written all over it.

We went once to celebrate Russ’s 50th by seeing Marie Osmand.

Don’t ask.

Long story.

She and Donny put on a great show and actually I could see why people are fans, but one and done for me.

So sorry MGM…you do not know me at all.



Yesterday I got a shot in my knee for arthritis.

Nothing makes you feel really old like stringing together a sentence like that.

I have been struggling with pain and some swelling and thought I was looking at another cortisone shot, but instead they are doing some kind of series of shots that add a fluid my body should make but doesn’t.

The good news is the thing seems to be working and so the future is looking bright for improvement in the months ahead.

The down side is that the first shot was a 15 on a scale of 1 – 10 for pain.

All that is to say getting older is not really a whole lot of fun sometimes and if we seem crabby, we have reasons…trust me.


I am going to combine the last two thoughts under the category of, “Am I the only one who does this?”

One thing is when I actually have a block of time to tackle the growing list of things I want to finish and I stand in paralysis because I don’t even know where to start. I have the time I longed for and yet can’t think straight.

The second one is also a thought process that undermines a lot of my forward movement.

I seem to have in my head the imagined disapproving thoughts of people who really have no authority over me and haven’t actually said anything, but I feel like they are thinking the stuff that is playing on a loop in my brain.


Both of these distracting and crippling mind games are taking place INSIDE my head…over which you would think a grown adult with arthritis would be able to overcome.

So I am reminded to hear what God’s word says and PUT IT INTO PRACTICE….

2 Corinthians 10:5 tells me that I need to take every thought captive and bring it into obedience to Christ.

The two thought spirals I shared are NOT beneficial, helpful or even true.

For me, it is a matter of literally putting my hand on my head and, as Ruth Chou Simons says, preaching to my heart (or mind in this case.)

And with that we wrap our randoms and head off to conquer the day…or arthritis…or whatever your particular challenge is <3

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