A word of warning about the the Word


Hey Christians! 

Yes, you. 

You who follow Christ and are floundering today because the battle is heating up. 

I am talking directly to you. 

Not to those who don’t follow Christ. 

I love you all…whether you do or whether you don’t follow Christ because HE LOVES YOU…but this message is not for you. 

So if you read it and get offended…that’s on you…because today I am passing along to my fellow Christ-followers an amazing and powerful word of exhortation from some notes I took while listening to a Beth Moore teaching on TV a while back. 

I stopped and started the recording a bunch of times so I could take down word for word what she said. 

I apologize if this is considered plagiarism, but it is my handwritten notes from her teaching and it is a warning that struck chills down my spine and I am passing it along to remind each of us the truth behind it. 

If you have sat under Beth’s teachings, I invite you to read it in her voice because it will just add to the experience:

As things go from bad to worse and things are heating up against us – we will be tempted to distance ourselves from the Scriptures. 

When we distance ourselves, eliminating words that offend, we begin to make our selves and our thoughts into a new Gospel message – a false teaching. That we will be better for the world if we are less scriptural.

 We start with eliminating words like repentance. 

Listen, we will honestly think that we’re doing the world a favor by forsaking the Scriptures. 

We will think….“Poor, poor God. He did not see this day coming.”

We’ll cease to believe there’s a real devil, because only the Scriptures tell us that there are real life demonic personalities and powers. 

And without them, there couldn’t be real life Hell; if there’s not real demons there can’t be real live Hell. 

And if there’s not a real Hell than there’s not a good reason for salvation and well, everyone’s going to the same place anyway.

 And the rulers and powers and authorities of darkness will hold their sides and kick their legs laughing. 

We will end up making ourselves the heroes of the gospel because we know better what’s good for this world than Jesus Christ and God who created it.

 And while Jesus is trying to save the world, we will be trying to save the world from Jesus. 

Dear God. 

Help us. 

Listen to me…you hang on to your Bible with all your might. Not just the one on your phone. 

You get you a real life copy of the Bible because every single word has a phrase and every phrase has a Scripture and every Scripture has a Chapter and every Chapter has a book. 

Every book has a testament and those testaments go in one Bible and that is the Word of God. 

All Scripture is God-breathed and we are hanging on to it for dear life.

Beth Moore as taken from one of her Audacious teachings on the Living Proof channel …. I give her and her anointing all the credit…please don’t sue me for plagarism Miss Beth <3

I have nothing more valuable or important to leave you with than that today. 

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and we will enter the season of Lent. 

Please, for the love of God, grab your Bible and join me <3

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