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Monday Things <3


Hello to you and Happy Monday!

We had a seemingly harsh set back to all the Spring Hopes and Dreams I had going as we came out of church yesterday morning to a full blown snow storm. 

Our yard is completely covered in white, but you know it had a good side.

Russ seems to have caught the bug that plagued me and I needed a quiet day so we didn’t feel a bit guilty about just being restful and still all day yesterday and it felt good to do that Sabbath Rest idea the right way. 

We read and rested and renewed.

I am ready to face the week with more energy than I have felt for about ten days, which is going to be helpful because I am behind on EVERYTHING.

So here are some randoms to get us jumpstarted and on our way.




This says it all. 

We really do mimic and imitate the people we admire. 

We pick up their catch phrases and mannerisms.

We start to style our hair and closets after their lead.

What matters to them starts to matter to us. 

And I want to choose Jesus. 

If I admire someone and lean toward them as a role model, I want it to be because I see Jesus IN THEM. 

Wednesday is the beginning of Lent.

It’s a 40 day period that invites us to step away from the normal cycle of every day living and take intentional steps toward “taking Christ’s heart and mission and making it my own.”

It won’t happen if we don’t plan for it. 

What are YOU going to do leading up to Easter 2019 to step into a closer relationship with Jesus?



Here are two things I play to use devotionally:


This was gifted to me by my dear sister, Sonja Reimer…who also christened me with the name “Journey Onward” many years ago. 

This book is a collection of mediations on the Cross written by some of the strong Christian voices that have spanned our church history. 

I will most likely be sharing from the book, but would love to have you join me on the Journey as you read your own copy.

You can order here ——> http://www.nancyguthrie.com/jesus-keep-me-near-the-cross

The other 40 day plan I have landed on is being offered through Lifeway.

It is free to sign up and you will receive daily emails. 

You can sign up here —-> https://blog.lifeway.com/womenallaccess/2019/02/15/the-40-day-easter-prayer-guide-sign-up/

It sounds like they will be suggesting some opportunity to incorporate a fast each week as well as devotional prayer prompt five days and then a Sabbath rest, which …. see #1 for my feelings towards that concept <3

photo by Rachel Maxwell


If you don’t have a church home, First Christian Church here in Decatur is doing a 7 week series during Lent on the Names of Jesus.

Our sermons are live streamed on Saturday evening and Sunday mornings…

here —–> https://www.firstdecatur.org/churchonline/

and you can watch later in the week or anytime to catch up…

here —–> https://www.firstdecatur.org/messages/jesus-is/



I have been praying about trying to do something here on the Journey that would be a community Lent series, but since I never got a clear go ahead on the way that should go…I am just letting you know…it looks like business as usual with an open door for God to lay a series here and there as he would lead me…some sharing from my devotions and my own Lent meditations…and a little bit o’random as the Spirit moves us through the Journey <3


You showing up means more to me than you could know and I love your bits of encouragement to me when you share. 

I am blessed to have this spot on the internet to share my heart and my life and God’s goodness to me with you when  you stop by. 




here is a funny to send you off into Monday with…

Rachel brought the band of brothers and little miss thing to our house Saturday while daddy was working. 

The kids were watching the birds around the feeder and Emmett exclaimed…

“Lola!!!! You and Papi are making the world a better place!!!!” 

I was in the middle of washing dishes so was caught a bit off guard as to how my mundane tasks were contributing to such a grand effort, when he gave me two big thumbs up and smiled enormously and said….

“You are feeding the birds!!!!!”


Wow… I had no idea the impact a few morsels of sunflower seed could have globally but I certainly felt noble all of a sudden. 

Be blessed…feed some birds…make the world a better place <3

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