Ah Spring…you reveal the need for a deep cleansing…

While we were gone over the weekend, our sweet Jane Magnolia burst open and brought me all kinds of joy when we walked in our kitchen around 5:00 on Monday evening; our arms loaded with travel bags. 

Tuesday morning as I opened the blinds, anticipating its delicate beauty to grace me I was astonished at how smeared the windows are from the late winter and early spring rains. 

Moving over to the coffee pot, I glanced back across the room as the sun filtered through the smeary windows and I gasped at the layer of dust that rested on every surface. I walked over to get my devotional materials and again was shocked at the layer of dust clinging to the television screen and table tops as the sun poured in through the back windows. 


Dusting moved the top of my task list as I headed back over to read and pray. 

But you know what?

Later after I had done devotions, started a load of laundry, tended my desk duties and was showered and ready for the day, the sun had risen enough that everything looked just fine. 

In the natural light of the rooms I have mentioned and without the direct beams of a rising sun, the dust and smears are not even noticeable. 

All through Lent, Holy Week and sitting in the dark and quiet reminders of the last supper and Good Friday; I was aware of my own dust and debris gathered from life on planet earth.

On Resurrection Sunday, I rejoiced with the stories of the disciples discovering an empty tomb and I was filled with Hope renewed. 

But the bright rays of Easter can wax into the return to every day life and the stuff that God brought up during a time of concentrated deep soul cleaning can start to look sort of not so bad as spring rolls into the busy-ness of summer and life and apathy. 

Oh to keep that fire burning bright through the daily office of prayer, reading, repentance and gratitude for new mercies every morning.

Oh for those bright rays of His love to shine in the dusty corners of my heart and for me to continue to grow more and more into His likeness daily.

Oh to not grow complacent again with the “just the way I am” stuff that crowds out all He wants to do in a changed and transformed life.

Oh for more grace today to follow Him and leave the grime of my selfish ways behind as we…journey onward <3

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  1. Yes! Laura I feel the same! Lord don’t let the everyday make me complacent to the miraculous!

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