And in the after-glow of Easter, we enter another Monday <3

Ah yes…it’s Monday morning.

And I hope you are carrying more in your heart than the snapshots posted and the anticipation of snow melting sometime by mid-week, if you were one of those states blessed with an Easter blast of winter.

I will be wrapping up my visit to …

later today.

Already getting a little choked up thinking of saying goodbye to this one…

We had fun exploring his city and found out that apparently I own a beverage shop here…

which I do make good coffee, I have to say so myself.

We attended a wonderful service at his church where the pastor used a text I don’t believe I have ever heard on Easter morning.

He talked about Loops equaling Labels…the spirals we can get ourselves into of addiction or relationships or failure or fear or whatever and we can never seem to get out of the looping and so it becomes who we are.

His passage was the woman caught in adultery and he asked us what it would feel like if this morning someone hauled us up, naked and exposed, in front of where he was standing and called out our label.




And then he went on to talk about Jesus’ response.

How Jesus knelt down to her level.

How she would have been on the ground, so He got on the ground.

Eye to eye to with her.

To assure her, He was with her.

And how He told her He would not condemn her and charged her to go and to sin no more.

To walk away from loop and label that He had just freed her from.

Incredible touching…amazingly true.

We sat in a borrowed middle school gym and celebrated the freedom won from our God who walked away from a borrowed tomb.


I hope and pray you had a wonderful Easter celebration.

Now go out there and shine His Light…it’s a dark world and you are valuable and loved and called….

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