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And then this happened….

So yesterday I spent the better part of the day chasing around two little boys…and then extended my stay to watch this one…


so these two…..


could hang out together.

Which means that, while the spirit is willing…the brain is fried…and the body is tuckered.

And only two days into our Journey through Lent, we run smack into random because….


how can a Lola have a serious thought in her head after this???

So here’s what I have for you to end the week….

While the day was wild and wooly (you should see what MY hair looked like!!!), the drive home was fueled by too much coffee, too many emotions, too much blurring between rocking grand-babies and the split second lag where I was rocking their mom and Tia and Uncle John.

Too many pictures this week of news stories ranging from the wild excess of Carnivals to the gruesome murders of people who don’t agree with extremists.

Too many miles of dark, winter scenery under so many far off stars.

The vastness of God and the smallness of me.

And on the car ride home the battle was waged and won again: I will trust God.

In all that I do not know and can not understand, even when things seem frightfully wrong. When justice seems long in coming and suffering and sorrow threaten all that I hold dear….





Be blessed this weekend.

Enjoy the sweet.

Endure the bitter.

Embrace it all.

You are loved. You are cared for. You are prayed through. You are sung over by the God who hung the stars <3



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