Annual pre-holiday pep talk <3

Good morning to you!

I am short on time and miles to go…as always, so I wanted to just send you a quick note of encouragement. 

Having worked in retail a lot of different times in my life, there is a certain shift that happens in the mood of many fellow sojourners as we polish off the Halloween candy and nervously count down the day til Thanksgiving and then Christmas. Shoppers are plentiful as lights begin going up on houses.

There is an increased sense of generosity and some of the better parts of humanity seem to surface, even as our stress levels climb with a fuller than usual calendar and many thoughts of how we want things to go this holiday. 

Add to it family dynamics, grief surfacing as old memories weave into hyped emotions and suddenly we are faced with a rather toxic cocktail of overwhelm. 

It’s a lot, and so I try to remember the basics of good health and wise living that should be applied in all seasons of stress:

Eat healthy foods

Drink plenty of water

Don’t skimp on sleep 

Get outside often and walk

Ground yourself in reading the Psalms and the Gospels

When December rolls around, just read the passages of the Christmas story and remember…

This glorious fulfillment of all the prophets, came in such a humble and gentle way. 

I find that when I do these things, it helps breathe peace into my heart and soul and spirit. And this peace carries over into how I celebrate. 

It keeps me from over-doing, over-decorating, over-indulging, over-working, over-thinking. 

God bless you. 

You all are precious. 



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  1. Thanks for the “Christmas Season “ survival tips! All good suggestions for keeping our focus on Love , generosity, grace and especially Jesus as we navigate the season!

    1. I will have to be reviewing myself in the weeks ahead! It’s a constant battle to stay on track for this one!

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