As we wait

As I MAY have mentioned, every other Thursday I get to go up north and spend the afternoon with our grandsons.

If time permits, I have been known, on occasion, to head up in the morning and spend time with their mommy as well. At least that’s what I tell her ;0)

Last week, I grabbed my phone as I headed out the door at 9 to text Rachel that I would be there in an hour. There was a bubble of words on my screen from her that had just come through.

<PS the front door has been open since 7:15 since ‘my Lola is coming’>

If I ever wished for the ability to nod my head and be somewhere it was then.

All I could think of as the miles ticked slowly by was how long he had been waiting and that I was letting him down.

I pointed out to God how I never did that with our kids….I went for the element of surprise. Like 5 minutes before something was going to happen, I would say, “OH…by the way….so and so is coming over….”

Then God pointed out to me that the reason I did that wasn’t because I was trying to spare them the waiting, but rather, I didn’t have the intestinal fortitude to WATCH them WAIT!!

He is so right.

I commend our daughter and her husband. They do not shy away from teaching their children to wait.

When I express concern that I am disappointing Graham with a delayed departure, she laughs and says he will be fine. He will get busy playing and just run from time to time to the door to check.

I like that they are teaching their sons that waiting means expecting and hoping but going ahead with living.

I hope to be like them when I grow up.

Blessings on you today as you wait for the things you are hoping for.

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