The power of 7

I love lists and I love when Scripture just gives me one that I can number right there in my Bible.

In Ephesians 1, I find under the heading “Prayer for Spiritual Wisdom” a list of 7 ways to pray for God to give us what we need so much….WISDOM in our spirit. Wisdom gleaned from His Spirit.

I desire this for myself, but also so much, for those I love so dearly and yes! for the whole Body of Christ. Even those I have never met, because God’s Church is ONE in Him!

How do we pray for us, for those dear ones who are so close in our hearts and for the whole Bride of Christ around the world?

From verses 15 – 19 we have the perfect number, SEVEN, ways to pray….

1. Do not stop giving thanks for each one. Yes, by name for those I love and by the name “saints” for those I have not yet met. For the groups too large to mention individually. Continually offer thanks to God for those who are called by His Name. (verse 16)

2. Make mention of them in your prayers. Throughout the day, occupy your mind with prayers for these precious ones. Ask God to direct your thoughts as you continue through the tasks of each day, to the needs and the blessing of those who are His. Then as different people come to mind, pray for them. You do not need to know the specifics, continue to name them and ask God to work in whatever the circumstances, situations, ministries, temptations, dangers, joys they may be experiencing at the moment He brings them to mind. (verse 16)

3. Pray that God would give them the spirit of wisdom (a knowing that they could not have without His Spirit of the consequences and details of each step of their day) and revelation (an opening of their spiritual eyes to truths that change and transform, the kind of knowledge and learning that we don’t have to try and “remember” because it is truth revealed forever) in the KNOWING of HIM. (verse 17)

4. Pray that the veil of blindness is removed so that they have understanding – again, a knowing that we could not know without our spiritual blinders removed. That they are “enlightened”. There is so much masquerading of enlightenment in this world, so our prayers for the Church to be enlightened by the Light of the World is essential. (verse 18)

5. Pray that as scales are removed from eyes, they will know deep in their spirits, the hope they have been given through the calling of Christ on their lives. Pray that their sense of purpose will come from the fulfillment of God’s call on their lives. Each one of us who was called by Christ and who heard and answered are not free and clear of the distractions and pull of this world. Our prayers for other believers are powerful to clear away the confusion and noise that would drown out the Voice of the One who called us into His Light to begin with! (verse 18)

6. Pray for your loved ones who have received Christ, pray for those you do not know, but are your brothers and sisters in Christ, to understand that we have inherited riches that are beyond measure through Christ. We have become heirs to the glory that Christ reclaimed. Where hearts have become hardened and disillusioned, going back to #5, pray for that HOPE to be restored deep in their spirit-man. (verse 18)

7. Pray that they will know the power of God that is working on their behalf. No, this is not some lame Bible-talk. This is not some flannel board story of Jesus. This is the Power of God that raised Jesus Christ from the dead. It is RESURRECTION POWER.

Today, look at something that is dead….whether in the physical, like one of those poor squirrels that did’t make it; or in the spiritual, like a relationship that looks absolutely impossible to repair. And acknowledge you have absolutely NO power to bring it back to life, and then believe. Believe that the POWER that raised Jesus Christ from death to life and then raised Him from earth to Heaven is at work in YOUR life and in the life of those for whom you are praying.

Pray these things for yourself and for the ones you love. Pray these things for the Church of Jesus Christ. Pray for the harvest of those yet to believe.

Pray. Without ceasing. Pray <3

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  1. This is a very powerful post…one I personally needed. I often feel overwhelmed about the proper way to pray. I fear I ask too much or not enough. Thanks for posting the clear guidance spelled out in the scriptures.

    1. God bless you! I am so thankful when I come across those passages that are just full of direct instruction that I can grasp and apply!

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