August Book Review 2022


Hello and can you even believe we are at the end of August?

These are the two books I completed this month. I have a couple others I started but have not finished so September, I see you coming.

As has become my habit, I will introduce these two with a brief summary and initial thoughts. Tomorrow I will share some takeaways from each one.

The first book was gifted to me from a friend who keeps me stocked in new books I have never heard of. I enjoyed reading it and found it almost devotional in nature as it opened up the Scriptures of Genesis and offered insight gleaned from the author’s study of this book.

I have read through these passages many times and had thoughts and questions and found such depth in viewing the story of Creation and the Flood through the author’s study.

If you are curious, here is the cast of characters:

  • Adam
  • Eve
  • Satan
  • Abel
  • Cain
  • Seth, Enoch and Lamech
  • Nephilim
  • Noah
  • Shem, Ham and Japheth

It was a fairly quick and easy read and I highly recommend it.

The second one I read was loaned to me by a friend quite a while ago (I need to get this back to her!) and basically is a chapter by chapter look at the things that are front page in the headlines and banners going along under the evening news and the conversations we have around our dinner table with friends and family.

The chapters cover the current areas of concern and conflict that we are all familiar with. No matter where you stand in your faith or politics, no one can deny that the times we are living in are full of tumultuous and volatile activity and rhetoric.

Dr. Jeremiah addresses these in light of how the things that are shaking us and our cultures and the constant shifts that are happening are characteristic of the patterns that have been in place since creation, but the fact that they are happening more frequently and with greater intensity should cause Christians to take note of what the prophecies of Scripture teach.

And so he addresses these topics:

  • Socialism
  • Globalism
  • Pandemic
  • Economic chaos
  • Apostasy from the church
  • End times people
  • Cancel Culture
  • Spiritual Famine
  • Jerusalem
  • The Triumph of the Gospel

He is able to pull right out of the media we are all bombarded with, not blaming any political party or any group, just stating the facts of what we see and read. And then he expands this by pointing to how it fulfills Scripture. But best of all, he ends each chapter with a reminder of what the Bible tells us WE are supposed to do.

I had anticipated this to be more upsetting than encouraging to read, but I was wrong. I will share more tomorrow a few examples, but I was left strengthened in my faith and with a greater love for both people who are Christians and people who are not.

So I guess this is a cliff-hanger, since I will share the rest tomorrow….heehee….


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