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White as snow <3

Hopefully you are more aware of the church calendar than I am this week. If not, welcome to my shock that Lent began on Wednesday. 

I saw a post for a church service sometime during the day and realized with all the snow and such, this season has snuck up on me quickly on the heels of Valentine’s Day. 

It is always a part of my discipline to set aside the Forty days of Lent as a time of reflection and meditation. Scrambling around has not enhanced the practice. 

So as I try to grasp that this precious time in the year is here already, I have nothing profound to say to you but just a simple thought from my drive through our snow covered land this morning. 

As I drove, I wanted to pull over and start trying to capture the beauty of it all with my iPhone and realized I can’t. Nothing can capture the ten zillion billion sparkles as the sun brought the crystals of snow to life through our smudgy, salty, splattered windows. 

They were …. Radiant, captivating, spectacular, unearthly, dazzling, blinding, beautiful.

And I was reminded that though my sin be as scarlet, I am washed white as snow. 

I meditated on that all the way to work. 

Though my sin be like a red stain of blood that is nearly impossible to get out of clothing…often leaving a yellowish mark even after you have tried everything to get it out…when it is covered by the blood of Jesus shed for me, I am like that view I had out my window today. 

It is a miracle worth pondering today and every day. 

And my life will be poured out in gratitude to Him as the only worthy response.

Blessings you each of you as you think how you would like to spend the season of Lent growing more in love with Jesus <3

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The beginning of Lent and I was caught unawares….sigh….hello 2021

Life lately.

This happened just as I was finishing up the soup and sandwiches for our lunch on Wednesday.

I was barefoot, of course, so had to carefully back away and go find flip flops by the garage so I could start the process of clean up.

Glass went everywhere and we are still finding pieces even though we have vacuumed and swept and wiped up multiple times.

And in the grand scheme of things, it didn’t even phase me.

Between Covid/Covid vaccine updates, monitoring the weather in Texas where our son and apparently half the relatives and friends of everyone we know seem to live not to mention our own Snowapocalypse and a number of changes we are navigating…what’s a shattered salt grinder underneath your bare feet at lunch time?

But have mercy, later in the day when I was taking a break from life and scrolling Facebook, there I find a beautiful devotion and information regarding Ash Wednesday services at the Lutheran Church near our home and I pretty much lost it.

Broken glass all over I can handle, but starting Lent in the solemn quiet of a church service is something I consider a deep loss.

I am shocked and embarrassed that somehow I lost all track of time and missed that we are that far into the liturgical calendar.

I grew up in a home where Lent was observed every year and it is a season that I have always been intentional to observe with soul searching and reverence.

And somehow in spite of all the references I have seen to events associated with Mardi Gras, I completely spaced off that we are here.

It has been almost a full year of life in a pandemic and so it would seem I am still struggling to figure out how to do the usual things in unusual ways.

So I would say our Journey through Lent 2021 will reflect that, but I hope you will join me.

Let’s see what God would say to us as we open our hearts to meditate and ponder Him more during this season of moving toward the celebration of the Risen Christ on Easter Sunday.

We have forty days…surely I can get my act together in the next few to make each one count.

Blessings <3

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Wednesday and a perfect day for a few randoms <3

Caroline loves to play Cootie…and seems to manage to make her bug look like her depending one what she is wearing.

Girl cracks me up.

This, however, is not so funny…wow…we are being pounded.

Prayers continue for our southern friends who do not have snow plows, salt, and are struggling without heat and water.

Also remembering others who are digging out from tornados and such.

Meanwhile, we are working around drifts to make sure our feathered friends have a dine in open for their cute little selves.

Our neighbor added feeders galore to his yard, and we have seen so many new birds this year.

How do they exist in these freezing temperatures??

It’s going down.

Spring cleaning is stirring in me and I have to seize the moment.

I actually pitched some way-too-old stale things from the pantry and am contemplating washing down the inside of the fridge.

When I went to do some cleaning of blinds though, I had to phone a friend. Thankful my sister by marriage is also a gifted decorator and could help me find the name for our blinds so I could google cleaning methods.

For the kind we have you use a hair dryer to blow the dust out from the panels.

She was concerned for my windows accumulating the dust.

I laughed heartily.

As if they are not dusty too…sigh…she’s so sweet.

She’s also going to be a grandma soon!!

And that makes Russ and me Great…uncle and aunt.

So weird.

I remember when our little nephew entered our lives followed by his siblings and can’t believe we are here!

Also…pulling out the knitting has reminded me of the saints who helped me regain the skill who have since passed on. How we miss them. Hug your people <3

Okay…have a happy Wednesday.

Stay safe and warm and come back tomorrow <3

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