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Turkey talk <3

Last Friday was pretty busy at the store where I work part time. 

People were either getting ideas for or purchasing Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers and everyone was in that pre holiday mood that is so fun for retail. 

Often as someone pulled at the door to leave and I would call a thank you for coming in, the return response would be “Happy Thanksgiving!” 

Each time I would think they must be planning on holing up now and not coming out anymore for a long while, because…Thanksgiving has to be weeks away, right? 

Finally as the weekend kicked in it dawned on me…gulp…we are here. 

I cannot think of Thanksgiving that I don’t remember my first attempt as a young wife to make a turkey for our small celebration. I have told this story before so if you remember it, you can tell it along with me or just go on with your own day…but after almost forty years of marriage it still makes me laugh so hard. 

We lived in a one bedroom apartment filled with all manner of wedding gifts that were too fancy for the hand me down furniture that filled a tiny living room. I had purchased a small turkey breast and these wonderful magical cooking bags that everyone at work had told me about. 

Following the directions on the side of the box, I shook the flour in the bag and rinsed and patted dry our feast-to-be. I slipped it in, securing the ziplock tie around the end of the bag and set the oven to the temperature listed on the box the bags came in. Easy peasy.

I headed out to watch football with Russ. 

I kept marveling at this new-fangled way of baking. It seemed like 185 degrees was so low to cook a hunk of meat, but I figured those bags must have some kind of technology available that would get the job done.

I also repeatedly interrupted the football games to say over and over how crazy it was because we didn’t have a 185 degree mark on our dial. I had to dip it just below the lowest mark of 200. I checked on it after an hour and it looked pretty much like what it had when I placed it on the pan in the oven. 

I went back out and told my new husband that those bags must kick in towards the end of the cooking time. We watched more football and I started some of the other sides, keeping a wary eye on the contents of the oven. 

Finally as the end of the prescribed time was nearing and the turkey looked as raw as ever, I looked at the box again and discovered what all of you have probably figured out by now…185 degrees INTERNAL temperature…after baking at 350. 

I went back out and said dinner would be a little later than planned. The man who has put up with far worse than a raw turkey smiled and said that sounded great. 

Hope your plans are coming along at the right time and temperature. 

Thanksgiving will most likely look different this year for all of us. But hopefully your food is cooked and your people are supportive of however the plans turn out. 

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Words from A. W. Tozer that are as timely as when he penned them <3

It has been a full week here and I am once again rushing about to get things done so I hopefully can run errands and get to work on time! Sigh! Always so much to do and so little time. 

As I went through this week, one of my morning devotional readings spoke so strongly into what 2020 has brought out in our world. Yet it was written many, many years ago by A. W. Tozer. 

“The moral shock suffered by us through our mighty break with the high will of heaven has left us all with a permanent trauma affecting every part of our nature. There is a disease both in ourselves and in our environment.” 

A. W. Tozer November 16, in Faith that Matters; Harper One, 2011 excerpt taken from Tozer’s “Knowledge” pg. 103


This year of the pandemic/the voicing of masses of people who feel they have not been heard/political shenanigans/global crisis/violent storms, fires and disasters of nature…all of these have brought to the surface what we are made of as a nation and , oh my, have mercy. We have seen what we are and what we are capable of within our own hearts and out in the world. 

To name a few things we have seen a sharp rise in rebellion of all kinds (from burning cities to refusing to follow government restrictions for health), mean spirited confrontations from the head of our political parties down to our personal social media feeds with friends and acquaintances, confusion of all manner in regarding what is fact and what is spin, a complete upturning of the economy where we are closing businesses and then manufacturing funny money to help them out, shortages because of people hoarding products we all need, anxiety, depression, abuse, addiction, pornography and racial tension are astronomical, suicide is on the rise along with anger and rage at increasingly alarming measures. 

You get it. You live in it just like I do. 

You have probably felt it, too. You, like me, have watched the college football game with students clustered in the stands while you held your child who was mourning his little youth basketball season canceled. 

We shake our heads as one business after another is on the brink of going out of business and we spread wide our hands and wonder how children are going to be educated and how much more we can stretch our already stretched out teachers, nurses and hearts. 

And yet so many refuse to acknowledge God. 

We blame everyone but our own sinful and rebellious nature as humans. Flawed humans living amongst other flawed humans looking for the ones we could weed out so that everything would go the way it’s supposed to. 

And this is on all sides. No matter where you stand on any issue, the ones who don’t agree with and support you are the wrong ones and should be silenced at best and possibly eliminated at worst. 

We continue to cling to the idea that this leader or that plan of health care or some magic bullet will bring peace and comfort and prosperity for all. 

Tozer offers these words:

Until we have seen ourselves as God sees us, we are not likely to be much disturbed over conditions around us as long as they don’t get so far out of hand as to threaten our comfortable way of life. We have learned to live with unholiness and have come to look upon it as the natural and expected thing.”  

A. W. Tozer November 16, in Faith that Matters; Harper One, 2011 excerpt taken from Tozer’s “Knowledge” pg. 103


Perhaps we might look at the ways our “comfortable way of life” has been disrupted in 2020 and begin to ask God, as Christians, ask God to help us see ourselves and our choices and our sin the way He sees it. 

And then repent and ask Him to remind us what holiness looks like and how we can move toward that in what’s left of 2020 and beyond <3 

Bless you. 

You are worth the price of God’s only Son, the gift of salvation has been given to you. Rejoice in this and seek to be holy as He is holy <3 

You are loved.


If this resonates with you, here are some additional resources:

This series but particularly Jonathan’s sermon from this past Sunday.

Romans 12:1 & 2

Isaiah 6

Psalm 51

That should give you a start <3

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Just some sillies because it’s a long week <3

Did I tell you it was a busy week? 

Yesterday I had an appointment for a regular checkup and another for the chiropractor. Add into that we had company in the form of busy little bodies and their tired mom while the carpets that were cleaned were drying in their home and let me tell you…it was a full day. 

But as I was driving, waiting or making a couple of stops to try and start some Christmas shopping I sort of made some mental notes about how much has changed in the past eight months. 

Besides the obvious, I was thinking kind of silly things so since I am off to yet another full day, here they are. Would love to sit over a nice cup of coffee, six feet apart of course, and hear what you have been musing about in our new world order.
pc/Sarah Vie <3

First there is the hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes initiative.

Because I distinctly remember reading several articles warning about these two items in the not so distant past of pre-pandemic life.

One had to do with the use of hand sanitizer and how our children were at risk because they were so “clean” they were not being exposed to things that would help build immunities. I also want to say that we warned excessive use of these might be harmful for us…

Then the thing about the Clorox wipes had to do with the way we use them ineffectively and how you have to wipe a surface for a rather long period of time with cloths that are wet in order to kill germs.

Pretty sure if we have a large number of people wearing their mask either under the nose or under the chin we can assume the wipe protocol is not being strictly adhered to in most places. 

Now don’t get upset with me.

I understand it’s our best defense available since we can’t wash our hands every minute or two with soap and water…I am just tongue and cheek here musing over our turn arounds. The daily life of the pandemic has turned things upside down and sometimes it’s good to put it into perspective…even in a humorous way if possible.

Because my second one is the way we were all being urged to use green bags for shopping. Some groceries had completely eliminated the use of bags at the register. You either bought one of their reusable bags, or you carried armloads of groceries out to your car.

I know this from personal experience on a visit to our son in Texas. We all three were grasping groceries and heading to car because he had forgotten to bring his bags in. 

Now the check out people double and triple bag single items like the plastic bag was where they got their profit. The pile of bags in our garage is looking like the Michelin Tire Man’s baby and I would take them to recycle but the bins at the market are overflowing. 

I cringe thinking of the landfill. Add to that the enormous amounts of styrofoam containers bringing our take out orders to American homes and stacks upon stacks of cups for hot and cold beverages. Whatever happened to paper straws I do not know because plastic is king right now.

In addition to all of these changes, another that is so turned around is appointments for health care. It used to be they wanted you there at least fifteen minutes early. We would sit in crowded rooms reading magazines and waiting.

Now for all my appointments I am asked to not be there before the scheduled time and wait in my car until they tell me I can come in. 

For someone who is ALWAYS taking it to the wire on time, this is a blessed turn of events that I hope we never change. 

The last one I am thinking of at the moment has to do with my new perception of what is acceptable socially.

We will be watching a game and a commercial break will advertise some movie or show that is coming up. As I look at the characters on the screen moving about their office of a party without a mask, obviously not social distanced and laughing and talking in each other’s faces I gasp. 

What are they thinking??? 

Oh yea. 

That’s how we used to live. 


What have you noticed?

Let me know <3

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