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Friday check in <3

We have had a more full week than is even usual for us and I had an early start this morning but writing you is something I have made a habit and so I wanted to at least send out a note. 

As I was driving home last night, I wondered at first if the sunglasses I had borrowed from Russ were playing tricks on me, but after removing them I could see that the soy bean fields are suddenly turning yellow! 

Fall is coming for sure. 

With extra rains and late planting season, we have been surrounded by oceans of green and I don’t know if the local farmers were getting nervous, but it sure didn’t look at all like a harvest might happen any time soon. 

But sure enough, as I drove I could see the beginnings of brown dry leaves on corn stalks and the tell-tale signs of yellowing in the beans and even though it is hotter than blazes and our little ones were playing so hard last night out in the muggy thick heat of 4:00 in the afternoon like we lived on the surface of the sun…the seasons will change. 

Maybe you have been waiting in a season of life that seems to have gone on so long you have decided this is just the way it is going to always be. 

Maybe you have run out of ways to pray and you are tempted to readjust your hopes and expectations and just settle for what doesn’t seem like the promise you were holding to for transformation and restoration….and yes, there are times when the trajectory of life has changed drastically and irrevocably but the hopes and the promises God planted in your heart? 

If He planted them, they will bear fruit. 

It may take longer than you thought or planned for…but if those were from Him…there will be a harvest. 

Just ask the farmers here in God’s country. 

Sow…water…tend…and reap. 

“He who goes out weeping, bearing a trail of seed, will surely return with shouts of joy, carrying sheaves of grain.”

Psalm 126:6

He who has promised is faithful. 

Have a blessed weekend <3

Best Battle Strategy Ever <3

*repost from September 11, 2017…still true for me this morning as we remember those who bravely gave their lives to save others <3

While there are high schoolers who were not even born on that infamous day 16 years ago, I well remember the phone call from a friend asking me if I had the news on.

This was pre-smart phone days when we used wall phones to communicate and one by one, America found out that airplanes full of people had become a new form of weapon.

I remember sinking to my knees on the floor of our family room as the newscasters tried to explain how a plane had just flown into the side of a building, even as they realized another was headed to do the same to the sister tower.

In horror and with desperate prayers to God, many followed the events of that morning.

I do believe the increasingly less effective methods of destruction were in direct answer to the prayers of those around the world as this well-planned attack became exposed.

We have been told that across Maasai-land, our Kenyan brothers and sisters were in prayer for us as well.

Many around the world were interceding for us that day.

There is an enemy that seeks to destroy all that God has created.

And while we often want to put some tangible face to this foe, scripture tells us that our enemy is not flesh and blood.

Yes, the enemy works through people…through ideologies and governments and systems; through terrorists and agendas and despots; through exploitation and greed; through the exaltation of “self”…

I am reminded of the “I will’s” of pride outlined in Isaiah 14:13 – 14…

I will ascend into heaven

I will exalt my throne above the stars of God

I will also sit on the mount of the congregation

I will ascend above the heights of the clouds

I will be like the Most High

Playing God.

A dangerous game for anyone, with tragic repercussions for all.

The hallmarks of such thinking are destruction and devastation and death.

So for our nation today, I pray that we would learn well to remain humbly before the God who blessed this land with resources and with His Spirit.

I pray that we would enter into all warfare under His direction and counsel, availing ourselves of His guidance so freely given to those who seek His face.

I pray for those who still mourn the loss of lives in personal ways, for those first responders who showed true heroism and courage.

I pray for those who still suffer today from the physical and emotional sacrifice they gave to enter into a different kind of battle as they inhaled ash to find survivors.

I pray for those who are today fighting another unthinkable kind of warfare as rains and winds and fires sweep various areas of our nation.

I pray that we would be a nation that recognizes the power of prayer, not only for our own country but for the many many people who suffer around the world.

Devastations of man and nature abound around this globe and many do not have any kind of resources with which to bring aid to their people.

May God’s mercy and grace be poured out over us as we lift our hands to Him and invite Him to come and work in ways that only He can.

I hope you will come back tomorrow and each day this week as we look at what God says about winning battles His way.

Be blessed today in all that you do, as you bless others <3



When funny isn’t really so funny after all….<3

Good morning! 

I confess I am rushing to get this note sent to you all! I found out late yesterday I have an appointment before work so need to stay on task but writing to you on Friday is a thing that is important to me…so please excuse any typos and read for sense.

My thoughts today are as much a reminder to me as they are a concern I have about an element in our Christian culture these days regarding humor. 

I love to laugh and I love to make people laugh, don’t get me wrong. 

I also think it is good to not take ourselves too seriously and to see the humor in some of our humanity, even in the context of our faith community. 

But there is a certain ick factor that comes with some of the comic attempts of late. 

There is a balance that we need to find in what we find funny. 

Yes, we want to be able to laugh about some of the sillier hills we sometimes choose to die on…but there are other areas where comedians poke fun that can make us begin to question the beliefs we were standing on. 

I have heard jokes about the postures of praise that then interfere with my focus during times of worship on a Sunday morning. 

I have watched videos that parody godly aspects of purity in seeking a relationship and question the sincerity of all people who are attempting to encourage others in pursuing spiritual disciplines. 

And sadly, if humor is done well, I get tickled over clever comedians. 

But later, I feel the smarting of the attack that was underlying and I have to question if it was worth the laughter. 

As I muse, I will add that there is a benefit to this as well because the feelings that arise in me often reveal areas of hypocrisy and pride, but there is also a sense of struggle as to where my beliefs are suddenly being exposed by the cool kids as dorky. The truth is, sometimes I feel like the butt of a joke even within the church. 

And that’s not cool.

We live in a culture dominated and fueled by the need to be entertained. 

It makes me want to slow down on my own desire to make people laugh and think twice before I go for that in a conversation. It is something I will always have to do battle with. Using my humor for the Kingdom to build up and not tear down. It is a fight worth waging. 

Have a blessed day…smile much…encourage generously. 

Be gentle with your words and extend grace to me and others when we fail to do the same <3

And when I say random…I mean random….<3

We are experiencing a run of beautiful weather here in God’s country and I have a day at home to accomplish a list of tasks that are penned on the calendar and high hopes to actually finish most of them so it is a good morning for some randoms…in no particular order, of course….


I am starting to put out the Fall decorations and an assortment of mums are beginning to gather on the front porch. 

They are staring down the summer flowers and the fern and it’s a little uncomfortable out there as we wait for the annuals I planted in the spring to depart from amongst us so we can make a nice backdrop for the pumpkins. 

Transition is hard and moving from one season to the next always means some things have to go.

Timing is crucial and being in God’s timing is always best. He never seems in a hurry or rushed so I rather like His rhythm…how about you?


In my devotions this morning, I had several passages about work and how all the “work” we do is as unto the Lord. 

The concept is that we serve God by doing for others because He really doesn’t need us to do anything for Him. 

This is something I tend to forget.

I start my days with a list in my head or on paper or both and sometimes on several pieces of paper and I get so caught up in the list that I forget the reason for the things I do. 

The list becomes my task master and if anything comes along to interrupt my progress in completing the list, I get frustrated and snarky and peevish and all this yuk starts pouring out of me. 

It is a struggle to remember that I started out giving all my efforts and plans to the Lord and my hope was to serve Him in whatever way He deemed fit. 

I try to remember that Jesus wasn’t running around with His nose in a planner.

I rather doubt He was overly concerned about completing a checklist but instead kept His focus on being tuned in to what God’s plan was for each day. 

Yes, sometimes that means staying on task and sometimes it means setting aside the plan and being where I need to be for someone else. 

The only way I know how to live that way is to be in constant, open communication with God and in that choice I have found a more restful and peaceful and productive way of living. 


And when I forget everything I just said in the last paragraph and resort to snarky…I am so thankful for His grace. 


Am I the only one who associates seasonal changes with food?

As surely as summer makes me think of grilled food and salads…fall has me craving pumpkin bread, baked apple anything and savory dishes. 

I’m digging out the cookbooks again and starting to figure out when our schedule will allow for some baking. 


My least favorite housecleaning chore is dusting. 

My most favorite is cleaning the bathrooms. 


Because cleaning a bathroom lasts at least for a half a day or so…dusting mocks me. 

I no sooner lift the dust cloth away from the table top and in the faint rays of sunlight I can see it all just dancing around and making its way back to the surface of whatever table or shelf I just cleaned. 

And that’s my five randoms…I’m outta here and on to the next thing! 

Have a beautiful Thursday and I will check in with you tomorrow <3

When experiencing technical difficulties, there really is only one place to turn <3

Well I feel I have lived a much longer period of my life than 24 hours since we last visited. 

If you read yesterday’s post, I asked for prayer for me as I tackled an issue with the website and have mercy…the Lord answered but not in the ways you may have expected nor did I hope. 

Because my idea of the answers would have been smooth sailing and a quick fix and on we go, but instead the whole operation was filled with my heart racing, my mind spinning, tears, angst, a message that said “This website is experiencing technical difficulties.” in tiny, plain type with nary a beautiful photograph to be seen and a final act of surrender where I basically came to terms with the realization that it was time to yet again to lay this little slice of the world wide web at the feet of the King of the World. 

And there is a whole lot of beautiful things that happened where four little pairs of eyes took in their Lola’s meltdown and rallied around her in ways that are too precious to even begin to expose to you…and the love of my husband and friends who dropped to their knees and prayed me through…and a song by Hillsong about New Wine that led me to the place where I was able to say…this whole blog thing…it’s Yours, God…and yes, you can take it or give it back…but it’s Yours. 

So this morning as I opened up my plethora of devotionals and such and began to pour out all the thoughts and such in my journal, I ended up with a Psalm of praise that God penned through me and that is what I will share with you today:

Lord, I worship You for who You are. 

As I drove through the fields of corn and beans and sunset last night to get home, the song playing was about how everything belongs to You. 

It doesn’t belong to You because, as a believer I say it does. 

And it doesn’t not belong to You when the world laughs at the whole concept. 

It just does. 

Whether we believe it or not, the world belongs to You and all that is in it is made by Your Hand. 


End of story. 

This is Your world. 

And in that realization, Lord, I drove and took in the fields so wide and full of crops and the endless blue sky with the sun setting and yet rising again somewhere in the distance for other people…and I thought about all the current situations including a website experiencing technical difficulties and what that might mean for me..and a pile of merchandise that needs processing and a house that needs a good cleaning…and zero time to get it all done…and I worshipped. 

Because it’s all Yours. 

All of it.

And so am I.

What confounds me and frustrates me and overwhelms me doesn’t phase You in the least.

I do not need to apprise you of the situation, yet You lean forward and listen to me much in the same way we lean forward and listen to a child telling us in choking sobs about what happened on the playground. 

You already know the end from the beginning, yet You listen to me and hold me in the middle. 

I praise You, not for what You will do, but for who You are and who You are is what makes me who I am <3