Back to School Time and I have been musing….


This is a big week as our four will be heading back to school on Wednesday. It is something that brings me great joy as this is the first year since 2020 that all of them will be dropped off together and heading into the great halls of learning on the official first day of the school year.

Last year, Caroline started Kindergarten but the boys were still being home schooled. However, God did one of those crazy miracles that He is so good at and the band of brothers joined her in late September. 

It was an adjustment in some ways, but 100 percent the best kind of adjustment and we all stood with silly smiles and tears watching them thrive and learn and grow. It is a “pinch me” daily thing to make sure I am not dreaming. And I am so very thankful that they love their school and are ready to head back for another year. 

I loved school. I loved everything about it. 

I loved the school supplies, the desks, the ordered environment. I loved learning and my teachers. I loved being surrounded by kids my own age and size and development level. 

I loved recess and lunch and I even loved PE until we hit junior high and they made us change clothes for an hour and play real sports and then I just tolerated it and thanked God that in Kentucky girls only had to take PE for Junior High and their freshman year. 

In fairness we had to wear one piece blue shorts jumper things that were hideous and uncomfortable and I was pretty much inept at every sport. But otherwise, I LOVED school.

Even though we haven’t had to fill a school supply list in enough years that we could have raised another child from birth to graduation, I can be found browsing the school supply aisles.

Notebooks, folders, new markers…and who doesn’t need a nice fresh stack of post-its or some fancy paperclips? 

So for fun this week, I am throwing out a few back to school memories. 

For starters, I remember having many emotions sending our own three back to school every year. 

While the sense of order that the school year brings to the family setting is appealing to me, I also realized that the year would pass with lightening speed and they would be another year closer to launching out of the nest. 

I also had to recognize that their generation was facing behavior problems in the class that I did not remember in my own years of school. Sure we had some who caused problems, but it seemed they were dealt with quickly. A sharp wrap on the desk with a ruler or a trip to the principal’s office took care of it and we were back to learning. 

Having the opportunity to sub in the schools when John was in first grade, I encountered on my own the change in classroom management. For this, I have no answers or solutions. I am thankful for the teachers who continue to provide safe environments as they teach and attempt to instill a love of learning in children. 

I know they need our prayers daily along with words of encouragement and support. I am thankful for the ones who continue to pour into those who want to learn while figuring out how to reach those who don’t. 

So for today, let’s just take a minute and ask God to bless the teachers and assistants and administrators who are investing in the future through teaching our young people. 

God bless them and give them wisdom and strength. God protect them and hold them close. God lead them as they lead children to learn. God bring peace to them at the end of each day. 

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