Bad hair day

Yesterday morning my hair hit that point that causes women to scream and want to throw a brush or slam a door. It’s like suddenly, overnight, my hair goes on strike and refuses to comply with my attempts to transform thin, fine, straight hair into the hair that people outside of our family actually see me in.

You have to be a relative by blood or marriage; or an extremely close and trusted friend, to see the real thing.

Sure enough, I check the calendar and it has been 5 weeks and 1 day since my last trim. So I frantically call the professional and make an appointment and bide my time, willing myself to not take the scissors to it until she can get it back in shape.

I should know better.

I should make the appointment in advance for 5 weeks because I know this hair. It has a 5 week limit on behavior.

Oh, I hope you can laugh at that.

But let me tell you. I used to do this with my spiritual life and that is not so funny, my friend.

Hair doesn’t instantly grow unruly over night. And neither does the soul.

We don’t just all of a sudden have a heart that has wandered from God. It has imperceptibly crept a little farther away until we finally do wake up; smack dab in the middle of a big mess of uncooperative unruliness.

I can well remember the cycle of falling away. The scream and the desire to throw something and the effort to try to fix the situation or to fix myself. The realization that the only fix was crawling back to God.

I also know that eventually the pattern got pretty old, and the real fix was to stay close to Him ALL the TIME.

I can’t trim my own hair every morning to cut back the daily growth. But I can start each day on my knees and in the Word. I can carry that word with me all day and stay in communication through prayer. I can confess and repent on the go instead waiting for it all to crash in.

It is the only way I know to keep these feet from veering and this heart from wandering.
God bless you as you stay close to Him.
And I hope you are having a GREAT hair day!

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