A prayer for our family <3

As I soak in God’s Word and ask Him to teach me to pray,

as I read the prayers of others and listen in agreement as we pray together,

as I practice the discipline of prayer over the days and months and years,

God lays prayers on my heart.

They are not really my words or my craft or my skill.

They are strings of the fruit of Scripture and prayer and meditation and songs and hymns.

So I pray today, as I share this prayer God gave me for our family, that you find in it words to express your own heart for the work of God in the life of those you love dearly.

Heavenly Father, I bring myself and my family before Your Throne of Mercy and Grace this morning. I lay us down before the Cross that we might be lifted up into Your Hands. Father I pray that each one of us will seek You with our WHOLE heart, hearts that You have made whole and complete.

I pray that each one of us would love You and follow You, always walking in obedience to Your ways, because Your ways are true and righteous and holy and good.

Father, I pray for each of us to recognize places where we have given Satan a foothold. I pray Your Spirit would work mightily and effectively in us today to reject his lies and cast him out.

Father, I pray where we have gotten our feet to wandering, Lord, fetch us back. Quickly and with great fervor!

Father, I pray a hedge of protection around each one of us for the darts and the pestilence and the evil of Your enemies who would seek to harm and destroy us.

I pray for our hearts to be moved to praise You – I pray for Your Spirit to assist us that we might give to You the Glory and Honor and Praise that is due You.

I pray that when Your Son returns, we will be found among the faithful.

Teach us. Instruct us. Correct us. Rebuke us. Guide us. Prepare us. Lead us. Strengthen us today to serve You.

Forgive us and Lord, please help us to forgive ourselves and others. Deliver us from the traps and snares of the Enemy of our souls.

Hide us in the secret pavilion of Your Love.

Keep us as Your beloved children.

I ask in Jesus’ Name.


So be it <3

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