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Bear with me, I am having a moment… <3


I am scrolling through the pictures downloaded to this Journey website over the years.

Seven years to be exact.

Today marks seven years since I slipped my first post on to this site and hoped and prayed someone and yet not too many would see it.

I was scared to put myself and my heart out here on the internet but this guy here kept encouraging me to do it.

He saw something in what I write that he thinks others need and so I swallowed back fear of exposure and fear of rejection and I started showing up.

I kept it quiet and I told God we should keep it small and God told me to be quiet and not worry about numbers – small or big.

Just do the thing He lays on my heart and let Him worry about the rest.

So seven years have passed.

As I scroll through the pictures this morning I see faces who no longer gather around our table or occupy a space where we can give them a hug. Some are gone by death and some by decision.

I see faces that have been added through the years that don’t replace the ones gone, but continue the faithfulness of God’s kindness to us through the years.

I see wrinkles appearing on my own face and weight fluctuations and changes in hairstyles.

There have been two houses, several computer changes, guest posts from friends and family (that usually did better than anything I write…I’m not bitter…honest…teehee).

Family gatherings, travels around this country and beyond, holidays and birthdays…all the journey that was lived day by day in just the ordinary and extraordinary of God’s mercy and grace.

The comments from some of you here on the blog or out there in the real world when you say you read it and it encourages you come at just the right time to let me know God is still using this for His purpose.

And my heart spills out over how He has given me a place to journal where I can meet with you and share how He has shown up in all the seasons in such amazing ways.

So this week, we will celebrate the Journey of seven years thus far.

Thus far, He has brought us…and I am so thankful <3

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  1. Thank you for sharing your wit, your wisdom, your fellowship (though miles apart, but both Midwest gals), and your obedience. You are a gift. Sue wrote, “You say what a lot of us are afraid to say therefore you make us feel normal!” That is not just a gift. It is a treasure. During these days of division and biased scrutiny, I appreciate your willingness to be vulnerable, freeing me to see the beauty of “doing real”. Knowing “real” is where God meets me. Your heart leads me into His presence. Thank you dear “friend”.

    1. Your words have touched me deeply. If I was asked what I dare hope my writing on this site does, it would be what you have said. Thank you for your thoughtful and kind words. I receive them with gratitude to God <3

  2. Your writings bless me every day dear Lola…Thank you for declaring God’s love, forgiveness, and faithfulness to us. Blessings to you and Russ!

    1. Wow…thank you. I never know who is sitting on the other side of the screen and it is a pure delight at times to think I have gotten to visit with some of the dearest people I know and miss. You made my day <3

  3. I am thankful that both Russ and our Savior encouraged you. You do so much for so many, I am sure after 7 years, you know that!keep writing and keep sharing! If ever it was needed, in my many years, it is now.The world is hurting, it will take more of us listening, then acting, in so many small ways and maybe big ways-to make that difference. you do that; God Bless you! Love you and Bless you! Marjorie, the neighbor to the north!PS. If you have not read, “Thank you for Being Late” do it– by Tom Friedmann.I t tells us some things we did not know we knew! m

    1. Thank you for your kind words and always your encouragement to me, my friend. You are a treasure. I am blessed by your cheerleading of what I do <3

  4. Congratulations Laura! I absolutely love your writings! You say what a lot of us are afraid to say therefore you make us feel normal! Love you!

    1. Awww…yes…Les always says I say what was on everyone else’s mind. And I always finish her thought with “….but were too wise, kind or tactful to say, right??” Ha! Glad it blesses you <3

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