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Because I see those tears slipping down some sweet faces <3

I stood at the counter in our kitchen and got a lump in my throat this morning looking at the calendar.

That little girl I put on a bus an eye blink ago, will be hiding her own hot tears behind some serious sunglasses as she and Zach drop that little man off in front of a brick building and wave bravely.

I think of some other sweet mommy’s who are sending their first or their last …

off to anywhere from Kindergarten to college…

not to mention…gulp…preschool…

and I wish I could wrap all those tender hearts up and make the sting go away.

I’m not the strong one to call that morning when you’re fighting against the urge to run back into the class room, snatch that little one out of his or her desk and head on home to watch Daniel the Tiger and have some goldfish crackers in a cup and abandon all plans of education altogether.

I’m the one that when she packed her youngest off to his first day of Kindergarten couldn’t face going home to an empty house.

So she headed into the McDonald’s with a spiral notebook and a pen, grabbed a cup of coffee and sat at a table with her back to the playground.

I’m the one that sat there writing letters to all three kiddo’s telling them how much I loved them and how proud I was of this or that accomplishment while tears dripped all over the smeary, coffee-stained pages and senior citizens at tables around me looked over and tried to give me nods and concerned looks.

Now I am one of those…that gets a discount on her coffee…though being a good baby boomer I refuse to let them charge me less than full price.

Because pride goeth before thriftiness, you know.

So I will be sitting at my kitchen table this week as one by one, sweet mom’s and dad’s that I know and love start that process of another year of letting go.

I will be saying little prayers for you.

And mopping up salty tears off the surfaces around me, just as I am right now.

Bless each of you as you fake enthusiasm about all the fun they will have and pack little notes in lunches and give extra hugs.

Bless you as you watch the clock and bless you when they come home and are all tired and cranky and you wonder why you missed them so much….

Bless you as you corral them for bed and say their prayers and fall in a heap and get up and do it all again tomorrow.



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