Because it’s Friday…

Here’s one serious thought and then some Friday randomness…because…

long week…

and hopefully it will make you laugh.


The thought: Have you noticed that no matter what event happens or what speech is given, we now have a panel of well-dressed commentators who analyze and tell us what to think about what happened or what was said?

It’s like we are incapable to think on our own unless we hear all the opinions of all the experts.

And a lot of times, we get to listen to them argue with each other and then we are left to decide which one “won” … as if they were a debate team and we have to go with the most convincing argument.

We weigh the “facts” by “fact checkers”…and how do we know if the “fact checkers” are using good sources??

So….all that to say…we need to pray for discernment and wisdom and then use the minds God gave us and THINK about issues and make decisions.

Ok…I will now step down from my soapbox and go with the random part of this post…with a little silliness I call….

What Happens in my Brain when People say….


“Let me pick your brain”….Please don’t. EEEEEWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! And then thoughts of every photo or film or live view I have seen of birds and carnage. And whatever you were hoping to glean from any knowledge I might have, we are done with this conversation, you and I. Finished

“I like to play mind games”….I don’t. I forfeit. You win. Game over.

“What can I do you for?” … Ok…..what did you just say? Because as I am trying to figure out the syntax of that sentence, I just totally lost whatever it was I came in here to get.

“Let’s think outside the box”….No. Let’s not. Let’s all get back in the box. The box is safe. I understand the box. Everyone, please, get back in the box. 

“I want to run something by you”…Not listening  because I am picturing you, literally running past me carrying a poster board with the stuff you are saying written on it. So while you are talking I am imaging trying to read it and I am a very slow reader.

“I’m just playing the Devil’s advocate”…OOOOHHHH….really??? Now you are kind of scaring me. So….like advocating his side? Or kind of like representing his cause? No thanks. How about we just work on being that “ambassador of Christ” thing?

Ok…your turn…you have any expressions that make your brain de-rail?

And hey…if you use any of those … don’t get all defensive…I probably do too…just all in fun…

Get out there and have a blessed Friday….and have fun “expressing” yourself



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