Of feet and the journey and such…


Anybody else kinda ready for Fall…as in NO HUMIDITY!!!!

As you all know, I had surgery on my foot a month ago and have progressed to the final two weeks of wearing a cast.

On Tuesday, they removed all the bandaging and trimmed the cast so that I can slip it off and on for the purpose of cleaning my foot.

I know right now you are wishing I had stuck with the weather theme…but here we go.

IMG_2776 (1)

The nurse explained something about soaking and dead skin and blah blah blah…and I really wasn’t listening because my foot looked fine.

Except for the scar and swelling and all…but otherwise…dead skin?

I don’t think so.

I had heard about such things from people who had to wear casts and I had seen the flaky and dry skin of those less fortunate than me, who as of now, had never had to wear a cast…and as I looked at my foot, I breathed a sigh of relief that somehow I had managed to escape this expected and dreaded human condition of post-cast discomfort.

Before bed, I slid the cast off and gave my foot a little scrub in some water and settled in for a good night’s sleep.

Except after just a couple of hours, even the slightest movement woke me as my skin became irritated by anything with more physical matter than, say, air.

I couldn’t imagine what had caused this sudden irritation, seeing as how I had already determined…no dead skin…thank you very much…so I decided to google skin following cast removal (and I said a small prayer of thanksgiving that I live in the age of googling…) and sure enough…


I am 100% human and like every other human who ever covered their skin for four solid weeks…I have developed a layer of dead skin.

So as I did the soaking and the gentle exfoliating…and applied the ointment…basically what the nurse had mentioned when I wasn’t listening…I removed a little bit…and I will be doing that for a few more days…if Google is right.

The point is, I think we all would like to think that we can escape our humanity on some level or other at different times.

We think we might cheat aging with a good wrinkle cream…or we can dabble in a little harmless worldliness for entertainment purposes…or we can skip the disciplines that God prescribed to keep us centered on HIm.


And then we run into a glaring moment of TRUTH…and we find out, by golly, we really are not charmed at all…just fooled.

I blame my natural sense of self-deception on being the baby of the family…but in reality we all have blind spots to our own susceptibility to self-deception.

We live in an age where it is easy to point to others and call out “ENTITLEMENT!!” and yet fail to see it in ourselves.

Is there any area where you have begun to think you might beat the consequences that are guaranteed to result from your choices?

Better to get those out in the open and deal with the dead build-up before they become an irritant that robs you of peace.


God bless you as you continually bring your heart before the Lord and allow Him to show you places He wants to clean up….so you can put your best …

wait for it….

foot forward <3

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