Because just getting the regular stuff done isn’t keeping me busy enough <3


No matter what your Thanksgiving plans look like, I bet you are busy this week. We have Christmas breathing down our necks, and we either are quarantined, just got sprung or are waiting it out to see if we are next. 

Gifts need to be bought, we want to decorate the house even if it’s just for ourselves, some kind of something has to make Thanksgiving fun so we are hunting down recipes. 

We might be ordering cards, addressing cards, or thanking the good Lord He released us from the annual Christmas card sending and we are doing some other kind of something that is our tradition. 

I wonder if there is any one like me who in the midst of all of the making of menus and grocery lists and trying to figure out where the tree will go this year and dreaming about the perfect gift for every single person on the list, has these hair-brained ideas to knit someone a hat or design a photo book as a special gift or hand paint something. 

Maybe it is just me but there is something about the extreme pressure of a too-short week with a holiday planted smack dab in the middle and then the launch into the Christmas season that turns me into my own version of Walt Disney. 

Creativity is oozing out of me and it is only enhanced by all the pretty Christmas trim in the stores and on my feed. The ideas are popping like corn in my head and spilling out under the lid. 

All of this leads to a kind of stress that is really so pointless. I have more ideas than are humanly possible to make happen and I start to feel like I “failed” when they don’t all pan out. Or any pan out for that matter. 

Today I caught myself driving and plotting and planning and my blood pressure was starting to increase a bit. So I intentionally chose to stop it. Stop the over thinking. Set aside all the ideas that were just blossoming up out of my over-stressed brain. 

I took some deep breaths and acknowledged that it’s most likely too late to knit a hat…and the vision that danced in my head was a fair isle design, which help me, which would be a challenge in the best of times.  

If we have learned anything in 2020 it is to enjoy the present moment and not bank too much on what we think our plans are in the next week, or day, or hour. I need to give these marvelously creative ideas freedom to flow in on side of my brain and out the other. 

I am setting about to just embrace what Christmas 2020 will look like. 

The Advent season has my undivided attention.

Once I get the egg casserole made for Thursday morning and figure out the sides to go with our dinner….of course…because reality. 

How are you doing the holidays this year? 

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