Best days ever, again….part 3



We flew into Seattle, but had to drive through the mountains to get to the Yakima Valley where my aunt and uncle live.

Oh my.

Quite a change from the prairie.

On the way, we made a stop at scenic Snoqualmie Falls Park, where we could view the falls from a series of overlooks.


Even typing the word “overlook” makes my stomach kind of pitch. As we peered over the first observation point, we could see the water cascading down into an abyss and my old fear of heights reared its ugly head.

But we had come quite a long way, so…on we went to an even more open view of this beautiful waterfall. I held my stomach with one hand, while I snapped pictures with the other, all the while moaning, “oh my gosh…oh my gosh…oh my gosh…”


Inside my head, I recited the testimony about how I have conquered my fear of heights as evidenced by pictures of me with Sarah at the uttermost top of St. Paul’s Cathedral the day of my great victory. (Ok, so I’m clenching my teeth and holding her really close to me in those pictures…) I have to remind myself that I did it that day and I can do it again. I had prayed my way up every step of that nightmare, and I can still hear her joyous voice ringing out encouragement.

Conquering fear does not necessarily mean the feeling goes away. I have to remind myself that I have overcome my acrophobia every time I have the chance to look over some railing that is keeping me from plunging to my death. Even if it is just the second story of a large mall….

The sensation that my camera will be pulled from my hand and my body will be plucked from solid ground and hurled down to the bottomless depths will probably never go away completely.


But I am an overcomer. So are you.


What has God delivered you from? You may struggle with it every time an opportunity to return to old ways presents itself.
But hold fast to what you know He has done for you. We walk by faith, not feelings.


May God bless you today with a recitation of His faithfulness in the face of every temptation to doubt, fear or otherwise miss out on some of God’s awesomeness for you <3

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