Best meal ever….really


Last night I got to serve some of my family the best meal of all.

The ingredients are simple and yet quite complicated.

And very, very expensive.

In fact…they cannot be purchased anywhere.

They were a gift.

We eat it once a week, but on the Thursday before Easter…we have a whole gathering just to talk about what that meal means to us.

Because we know we had a problem…


a problem common to all men and women…


regardless of gender…race…



We were born into it…

and we had no way out of it…


So God did what only He could do and He sent His Son…


as an atonement for sin.

Yes…the sin of the world…yes…the sin of the fall….

but my sin and your sin.


So as I handed out cubes of bread and said….

The Body of Christ broken for you

And as Russ held a cup of juice and said…

The Blood of Christ shed for you

We remembered the common ground we all are on at the foot of the cross.

Then we took our bread and we dipped it in the cup

And we remembered

Last week I shared about the song It is Well with My Soul.

It isn’t my favorite because it reminds me that even in the worst of times, God is my comfort.

It is my favorite because of the part that remembers….

My sin…oh the bliss of THIS glorious thought…

My sin…not in part, but the whole…

It IS nailed to the Cross 

And I bear no more…

Praise the LORD…Praise the LORD…

oh my soul <3                      Horatio Spafford

May God bless you with remembering …



what real Soul Food is <3


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