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Here we are mid-week and my head is still swirling from all the in-filling from the Declare Conference this year.    http://declareconference.com

If we were to meet for coffee right now, I would blab your ear off.

Aren’t you blessed we can’t meet for coffee???

On the home front, I did manage to run a boatload of errands yesterday and have a stack of index cards filled out to help me study for the Spanish midterm tonight…so I am going to give you some Wednesday Randoms as they pop in my head that I gleaned from last weekend’s speakers and the experiences from the conference.

So here they are … in no particular order…and from the serious to the silly…


<3 This one phrase has been life changing…..

Stop saying, “I don’t know how to do this or that” and start confessing (speaking out of your mouth)….”God knows how and He is teaching me. He is showing me.”

Andrea Howey  https://andreahowey.com

I have been applying that throughout my day because this one phrase made me realize how often my “confession of doubt” is a mantra expressing how overwhelmed I am.

Whew…I needed a good shaking in this area and this one simple phrase is doing it.


<3 I like SWAG…

a lot…

I used to think SWAG was a nickname for “to swagger” and that just didn’t seem right…

but then I found out its the little goodies and treats left at your place at an event.

I like feeling like someone fussed over me.

Must be that baby of the family thing.

Makes me want to leave some kind of little something on the chairs next Sunday for my class.

Any ideas??


<3 Then there was this nugget from Emily Thomas who does an amazing podcast called The Struggle Well Project at https://strugglewellproject.com/podcast/  She is hilarious and yet so tender.

Makes you cry and laugh at the same time.

She shared about community – both the online and real life kind.

So true …. her warning that engaging online is so much easier and safer and less tedious and painful than our real time relationships can be.

Because relationships get messy.

We have to extend grace and we need grace.

We have to make the effort to make room in our hearts and our calendars and our busy lives to meet together and sometimes we get hurt and sometimes we hurt others…we don’t mean to…we just bump up against each other.

But that’s the beautiful part of life lived in community.

Here is my absolute favorite quote from her and it is pure Emily Thomas…

Call out the good in people. Pride stops us from calling out the good. We think it takes something away from us to celebrate what others have that we don’t. Get under their piñata and celebrate. Our words have power…so call out the good.           Emily Thomas

It was better to hear her say it…she is golden in her delivery…but you get the message I hope.

What a great way to picture the struggle when someone has good news and I don’t.

Imagine that girl under her piñata and head on over…laugh…celebrate and grab some candy with her.

Beautiful <3

and last but not least…


<3 Follow up on connections you make. I met this one at a conference in 2013 in North Carolina. Something about her made her stick in my heart.

I would reach out to her now and then and we stayed connected.

I have been blessed by her writings gleaned from deep study of God’s Word and I share things from her all the time….you can find her at….






girlfriend has decided to add clothing design to the ever expanding treasure box God is filling with His creativity in her life <3

Check out her shop at:


So there are a few things that were spilling out…

I have…www.laurareimer.net

s’more to tell you… so sorry….couldn’t help it.

Can’t wait to share with you but for now, God is going to equip me to get ready lightening fast so I make it to work on time because I am FOR SURE…


overwhelmed <3





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